A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.


Developing Champions for Life

"I believe a strong athletics and physical education program can be an extremely critical piece to the identity of a school in a manner that not only an entire community can be proud of, but one in which the school can continue to attract well-rounded and highly capable students that continue to make Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart truly unique."
Jason McGhee, SR Director of Athletics

During the summer of 2014, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart Administrative team, led by Head of School Catherine Ronan Karrels, charged the Department of Athletics & Physical Education with identifying and executing a cohesive and strategic vision based on the unique opportunity of being the only Catholic, all girls Pre-K to 12 institution in the Washington DC metro area. The concept of creating an Athletics Council strategic task force, a group of key members and stakeholders of the SR community who could greatly contribute to the completion of this project was identified.  

The Athletics Council was formed in November 2014 with a vision of producing a living, breathing and insightful blueprint reflecting the standards, values, goals and expectations for SR Athletics known as the "SR WAY." The work of the Athletic Council would shape the future offerings and strategic initiatives of SR Athletics, moving the program forward on a path to greatness, bolstering the reputation and prestige of Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.

The council held their first meeting on December 2, 2014. The mission of the council was to develop a comprehensive strategic roadmap for the Department of Athletics which would strengthen and expand Stone Ridge’s athletics and wellness offerings to directly benefit it’s students, student-athletes, faculty/staff, parents, alumni and community. Over the remaining months the Council met numerous times to complete it's report and recommendations.

The Athletics Council identified 5 Strategic Goal Areas of Focus which are shown below as the overall strategic goals to guide SR’s Athletic Department’s decisions and quest for excellence in all of its endeavors. Moving forward, the council will continue to be a key resource for the department and will meet twice annually to ensure accountability but most importantly to maintain a growth mindset allowing SR Athletics & Physical Education to be a leader within the industry. Annually, action items are identified by the Council within each strategic goal and executed by the department.

  1. Student & Student-Athlete Experience
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Competitive Success & Positive Coaching Experience
  4. Resource Development
  5. Branding/Messaging/Marketing

1)   Student & Student-Athlete Experience: Focusing on the student’s holistic development, provide the necessary resources to offer and enhance athletic teams, club teams, services, and levels of support for athletic, health, and wellness experiences in a way that provides accommodations for the current and evolving student, staff, faculty, and parent interests.

2)   Academic Excellence: To maintain, embrace and improve the high academic standards, achievements and reputation of Stone Ridge as an academically strong institution, and ensure that every SR student-athlete has the greatest opportunity to achieve their highest academic level bolstered by their participation in athletics.

3)   Competitive Success & Positive Coaching Experience: To compete at the highest level within the Independent School League (ISL), and to ensure student-athletes and coaches are given every opportunity and available resource to succeed within a positive environment committed to winning, teaching life skills, and all within the spirit of sportsmanship, consistent with an SR education and experience.

4)   Resource Development: To maximize facility and human resources available to students in order to generate the level of support that allows SR to achieve the athletic, health and wellness aspirations, to positively and directly benefit the student-athlete experience, as well as other institutional priorities.

5)   Branding, Messaging & Marketing: To view SR’s Athletics Department as a significant institutional asset in supporting the articulated SR mission, in addition to developing a sustainable athletic brand for the Gators by defining the core mission and values of the department.