Janie Bell

Today we visited Florissant, Missouri where St. Philippine spent a large majority of her time. We were able to tour the chapel and housing quarters where St. Philippine lived and taught. It was amazing to see that St. Philippine only slept under a small staircase (yes, just like Harry Potter!) and often was up most of the night praying and helping to mend the students' clothes, socks, and shoes. We had the opportunity to place a small intention of our own in her room along with the intentions of many other pilgrims who visit Florissant. It was so special to see all that we have learned about in school finally brought to life. 

-Catherine and Janie

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Catherine Spina

Today Janie and I heard a new quotation we loved and that we wanted to share with you and bring back to SR! For reference, Rebecca is the name of boat that Saint Philippine came to American on.

"Today, we find ourselves in a 'Rebecca Moment;' a moment of leaving behind what is known in order to open ourselves to what is new; a time of letting go of security in order to enter into the tumult affecting so many lives; an opportunity to sense ourselves more blessed in our diversity and to feel more intensely the bond of being a Sacred Heart family." 

~from General Chapter 2016~

We can't wait to hear about all of your "Rebecca Moments" when we return for the school year!

-Catherine & Janie 

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Janie Bell

Today was our first day in St. Louis, Missouri at the Sacred Heart Network Spirituality Forum!

We had the opportunity to meet other Sacred Heart girls and boys from schools around the country and make connections about our common traditions as children of the Sacred Heart. We even spent time brainstorming and discussing some Congé ideas that other schools have done! ;) Can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds; we'll keep you in the loop!  Follow us as we take over the SR Instagram this week! #SRinSTL

- Catherine and Janie

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