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Posted 03/23/2015 03:00PM
Cardinal Donald Wuerl made a visit to Stone Ridge to celebrate an all-school Mass and bless the new turf "Gator Field" on March 23. What a historic day for the mission of Sacred Heart education! Go Gators!

Posted 03/18/2015 10:09AM

Stone Ridge had four students from the Upper School present at the 4th Annual Archdiocese of Washington Student Academic Symposium. Below you will find our presenters and their impressive topics.

Amanda Grolig ’15
Presentation Description: Freedom Summer--An Oral History Account

This research project focuses on the experiences of Sam Walker who participated in Freedom Summer during the US Civil Rights Movement. During the interview, Mr. Walker spoke about his time in Mississippi helping to register Black voters, his parents' reactions to his decision to go, and his thoughts on race relations in general during that time.

Lauren Woodard ’16
Presentation Description: "In Time Again": The “Enigmatic Profundity” of William Faulkner’s Circular Prose

In his seminal The Sound and the Fury, William Faulkner is able to generate both gratification and yearning via his implementation of circular writing, forcing readers to exchange their traditional understandings of linear time for a confusing, yet ultimately meaningful, curving chronology.

Kristen Nemes ’16
Presentation Description: Analyze This: The Morality of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

With the burgeoning of new technology in the past ten years alone, humans may soon be able to manipulate the human genome at will.  Since the latest advances in biotechnology were up until recently the product of science fiction, humanity has found itself in a moral gray area. The ethical guidelines that govern the use of embryos in stem cell research will likely set a precedent for future experimentation on human subjects. Embryonic stem cell therapy carries the potential to treat and perhaps cure a multitude of diseases, but with this promise comes an equal number of moral questions for both the Catholic Church and the world.

Katherine Curt ’15
Presentation Description: Romidepsin in Combination with BRAF Inhibitors Targets Mutant BRAF Cancer

In 2009, the drug Romidespin was approved by the FDA for use in Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL.) While Romidepsin works well in CTCL, it is largely ineffective in other cancers. To investigate mechanisms of resistance, the lab generated 3 romidepsin resistant CTCL cell lines and discovered that these generated cell lines activated mitogen activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway. Furthermore, the romidepsin resistant generated cell lines exhibited an increased sensitivity to MAPK inhibitors when compared to the CTCL parental cell line. This was of interest to the lab because upregulation of the MAPK pathway, in many cases, is an important determinant of cell proliferation and the formation of tumors. The results suggest that MAPK pathways prevents the phosphorylation and degradation of an important pro-apoptotic protein and that treatment with romidepsin combined with MAPK inhibitors may be useful in treatment of BRAF mutant cancer.

Posted 03/12/2015 09:44PM

SR seniors Pamela Lawrence (as Eva) and Zoe Malhotra (director) take the stage at Round House Theater for the Teen Performance Company's presentation of CHATROOM, Friday, March 13-Sunday, March 15. This is a story of "six teenagers, communicating only via the internet, talk about everything from pop stars to Willy Wonka to suicide: Jim is depressed and talks of ending his life and Eva and William do their utmost to persuade him to carry out his threat. From this chilling premise is forged a funny, compelling and uplifting play that tackles the issues of teenage life and cyber-bullying head-on and with great understanding."

This is a MUST see! Congratulations, Pamela and Zoe!

Click here for ticket information.  

To learn more about the production and the Company, read this interview by Broadway World DC with Pamela Lawrence.

Posted 03/12/2015 08:30AM
Looking to improve your health? Eat the Rainbow.

http://www.choosemyplate.gov/Put colorful fruits and veggies on your plate. Government experts hope to bring healthier eating patterns to all Americans despite our regional and ethnic backgrounds. One of the main guidelines is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Eating an array of colorful foods regularly helps give your body the nutrients it needs. Besides fiber, vitamins and minerals, naturally colorful foods contain phytochemicals. These powerful plant substances give fruits and veggies their color and help fight disease. Research has shown that eating a variety of these plant substances may help to: Strengthen your immune system, lower your risk for certain cancers and chronic diseases, help ward off type 2 diabetes, reduce high blood pressure, prevent some eye diseases, maintain heart health, improve memory, and help build strong bones and teeth.

We encourage our Stone Ridge students at lunch to always be mindful of creating a "colorful plate.”
Posted 02/18/2015 02:52PM
The Stone Ridge community celebrated the beginning of Lent today at school with liturgies in each of the School's divisions.

The Holy Father's homily at Mass this past Sunday for all the Cardinals provides a spiritually helpful guide during our Lenten journey together this year.

This homily offers a profound insight into the mission and vocation of Pope Francis and his hopes for the entire Church. The Pope’s homily should be considered a very good prelude to and preparation for the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family in October 2015.  Here you will find the official English translation of the Holy Father's homily.
Posted 02/18/2015 12:03PM

The Stone Ridge club equestrian team's season culminated with a successful show on Sunday, February 8 at Oatland Stables in Brookeville, MD.  There were 20 schools represented at the JV Show with 86 riders competing in three divisions. Stone Ridge had three riders representing the Gators, one in the Novice division and two in the Maiden division. 

Anna Stallings '20 placed in all of her classes, receiving two 2nd place ribbons and a 4th place finish in the Novice division. 

Caroline Hwang '21, in her first show for the Gators, received a 1st place and a 4th place finish in her Maiden classes.

Fiona Moriarty '19 rode well on a challenging mare and the connection she showed with her horse was beautiful to watch. 

(Fiona Moriarty '19)

(Anna Stallings '20 and Coach Heidi Johnson) 

(Coach Heidi Johnson, Caroline Hwang '21, and Bridget Scalia '19)

Posted 02/17/2015 01:42PM

The Middle School swim team organized a diaper drive to benefit the Christ Child Society. The swim team members purchased and collected 30 packages of diapers, baby wipes, and even a few cans of baby formula to donate to the Christ Child Society's Baby Layette project.

The Layette Program is fueled by the generous support of the Society volunteers. Over half of the layettes contain a handmade blanket, knitted or crocheted by a volunteer.  A small miraculous medal, attached to a mother's prayer card marks the gift coming for the Christ Child. The Society provides 4,000 layette for mothers in need in the greater Washington, DC area. These layettes are distributed through its 30 agency partners.

Robin Kramer, the Director of the Christ Child Society office in Friendship Heights, was thrilled to receive the Middle School swim team donation.

Gators living out Goal III of Sacred Heart education--a social awareness which impels into action.

Posted 02/12/2015 11:20AM

Elizabeth Shrout '15, Lizzy Young '16, and Nicole Gaisford '17 competed in the USA Field Hockey Disney Showcase at the ESPN Wild World of Sports complex last week with 96 teams from across the country.  Their team, the Washington Wolves, placed 4th in their pool and is currently ranked 15th in the Nation for U19 Field Hockey. Congratulations to Elizabeth, Lizzy, and Nicole! Go Gators!


(Nicole Gaisford '17, Elizabeth Shrout '15, and Lizzy Young '16)

Posted 02/10/2015 09:30AM
On February 4, seven SR alumnae came back to campus to speak to the Upper School Students. The Social Action presentation team chose the topic "Women's Empowerment".

Hearing from these impressive SR alumnae inspired the students and generated insightful questions.

Chessie Dahut ‘15 said, “the Women's Empowerment Program was very inspiring! The alumnae offered advice that was helpful relatable. These talented and successful young women showed me that I have the tools and ability to combat the issues women face in the professional world.”
 “Even though Stone Ridge teaches me to be confident" said Maryam Fassihi '16, "I worry that when I leave this community of women, I may be afraid to speak up around men. Hearing the alumnae speak of their experiences, some in fields dominated by men, showed me that this fearlessness I have learned at SR will stay with me. This boldness will continue to be part of my nature.”

The following alumnae spent time with our US students:

Beatriz Albornoz SR ‘10
Education:  BA with honors, 2014 Georgetown University, English and Philosophy / Minor: Art History

Bebe Albornoz is currently working as a litigation legal assistant at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in Washington, DC. Her work there entails researching cases, editing briefs, and assisting with the collection/production/analysis of materials for various stages of litigation (from discovery to trial). In my spare time, I advise the Georgetown Mock Trial team, head to the movies often, bowl with old friends from home, and brunch with friends from Georgetown. I intend on attending law school in the fall of 2016 and aspire to practice criminal law as a prosecutor at the U.S Attorney's office.

Paloma Bengoechea SR ‘09
Education:  BA, 2013 Georgetown University, Art History / Minors: Psychology and Italian

Paloma Bengoechea is the Operations Manager for Atlantic Media Strategies, a digital consultancy under The Atlantic. Her team applies the knowledge and best practices of The Atlantic to clients looking to have a more powerful voice and build relevant communities fit for today's media diet. She first joined Atlantic Media in June 2013 as part of the inaugural class of Digital Technology Interns, where she worked with IT Support to promote best practices and identify company-wide opportunities for digital solutions.

Renee Green SR ‘08
Education:  BA, 2012 Loyola University Chicago, Advertising and Public Relations / Minor: Marketing

After graduating from Loyola University Chicago, Renee returned back home to Washington DC to pursue a career in Nonprofit Communications. For two years she worked for the historic women's nonprofit, the Young Women's Christian Association, as their Communications and Brand Associate. She helped them to elevate their voice and brand of empowering women and eliminating racism, online, in print and in the media. Now she works for the top ageing services nonprofit, Leading Age. Nonprofits have and always will have a place in Renee's heart and she plans to always work for or with them in the future.

Aryana Keshavarz SR ‘10
Education:  BS/BA magna cum laude, 2014 University of Pennsylvania, Business and International Studies, and French.

Aryana will begin working as a full-time investment-banking analyst in Deutsche Bank's mergers and acquisitions group in July. She has previously interned in private wealth management at UBS and social impact consulting at the Grassroots Business Fund. She also spent three years leading a nonprofit organization that helps improve financial literacy in low-income areas of Philadelphia. In her free time, she likes to cook French food and go to Pure Barre.

Lauren Stentz SR ‘08
Education:  BA, 2012 Bucknell University, Physiology and Psychology / Minor: Spanish

Lauren gained valuable experience working as an analyst for healthcare consulting company in Downtown Washington, DC immediately after graduation, and has since transitioned into a research position with the Center for Rehabilitation Sciences Research at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (right next door to SR!) She predominantly works on amputee rehabilitation and prosthetics studies, and is currently helping to run the clinical trials of a new prosthetic arm that Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory developed.

Elizabeth Winkler SR ‘07
Education: BA, 2011 Princeton University, English literature; MA 2013 Stanford University, English literature

Elizabeth Winkler is a freelance journalist based in Washington, DC. She covers politics, books, and culture for publications including The Economist, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Millions. She will be moving soon to the State Department as a speechwriter on human rights (pending a security clearance).

Colleen Zorc SR ‘11
Education:   BS, 2015 Georgetown University, Finance / Minor: Entrepreneurship and Art

Colleen is a member of the Georgetown University Women's Club Squash Team. In January of last year, she became an active member of the November Project DC tribe and began running seriously. She completed her first marathon in October and has plans for another marathon and her first triathlon this year.  In between her studies, she volunteers and fundraisers for both Girls on the Run and Teens Run DC: a long-distance running club that revolves around running with and mentoring high school students who may not have older people, other than their school teachers, looking out for them.

Posted 02/06/2015 09:00AM
McKenzie and Gigi are the creators of BracketEars, a startup company that sells earrings and bracelets out of braces—including miniature ones for dolls—to raise money for autism organizations. So far, BracketEars has raised $13,000 for autism organizations, and its impact is growing. We are proud of these Stone Ridge girls and their family exemplifying Sacred Heart Goal III. Please watch the ABC7 segment from February 4, 2015.

Posted 02/05/2015 10:50AM

Four SR Upper School students are recipients of the 2015 DC Metro Scholastic Art and Writing Awards:

  • Caroline Caterini '15 - Honorable Mention in Poetry for About A Painting - Inspired by Camille Pissarro’s The Louvre, Morning, Rainy Weather
  • Cheyenne Curley '17 - Honorable Mention in Short Story, for Agros’ Tail
  • Maddie Sparrow '17 - Honorable Mention in Poetry, for Adventure, Resilience
  • Olenka Wellisz '17 - 2 Silver Key awards in Short Story for Orthodontist and Cucumbers; Honorable Mention in Poetry for Remember The Night; Honorable Mention in Humor for A Treatise On Misandry And Its Justifications

Congratulations to our writers!

Posted 01/29/2015 09:40AM

The varsity soccer team, along with head coach Kati Jo Spisak, was recognized at the upper school assembly this morning as the athletic department unveiled their Soccer ISL-A Division Co-Championship Banner. Congratulations varsity soccer!

Posted 01/28/2015 11:26AM

The Bethesda school's top shooter has been sophomore guard Kathryn Maloney, whose 25 3-pointers rank third in Montgomery County. Read more from The Gazette.

Posted 01/21/2015 09:08AM
On Saturday, January 17, a team from SR Upper School competed in the Regional Maryland Science Bowl at Montgomery Community College. The National Science Bowl (NSB) is a highly competitive science education and academic event among teams of high school and middle school students who compete in a fast-paced verbal forum to solve technical problems and answer questions in all branches of science and math.

According to Suzanne Antoniou '16, "The Science Bowl was a great experience because it's an opportunity to compete with other students who also have interests in the STEM components.  Each question is a challenge designed to test participants on topics that the average student would not know, so getting a question right is a big accomplishment!  It's also interesting to see students from other schools who know the material so well that they will often shout out the answer before the proctor is done reading the question--including on math problems that are intended to be done with pencil and paper!”

Team members: Lexi Catalano, Maya Moore, Krissy Nemes, Christina Hsu, Taylor Lindstrom, Carmen Perry, MyLinn Clement, LaShonda Torbert (faculty), Suzanne Antoniou, Meera Jain, Kaitlin Ballenger, Katie Curt, Moly Megan, Beth Ann Mayer, Sarah Knack
Posted 01/13/2015 11:55AM

Bethesda Magazine's popular Best of Bethesda issue is now out (the January/February 2015 issue).

One of the Editor’s Pick for school lunch was Stone Ridge. “These girls eat a lot of hummus,” according to Hope Walker, our SAGE food service director.

For Reader’s Picks, Stone Ridge was included in the “Best Private School to get in Harvard” and “Best Private School for Girls.”


Posted 11/24/2014 02:52PM
All ISL Honors
Isabel Barnidge '18--Cross Country
Genevieve DiBari '18--Cross Country
Kallie Drewyer '15--Field Hockey
Anneliese Goetz '16--Soccer
Lauren Jan '15--Volleyball
Sarah Johnston '16--Soccer
Tatiana Ortega '18--Soccer
Taylor Wynn '15--Volleyball
Elizabeth Young '16--Field Hockey

All ISL Honoros 4 Consecutive Years
Kallie Drewyer '15--Field Hockey

All Gazette Team Honors--Field Hockey
Kallie Drewyer '15--First Team
Elizabeth Young '16--Second Team
Samantha Taskey '15--Honorable Mention

4 year Varsity Awards
Kallie Drewyer--Field Hockey
Lauren Jan--Volleyball
Sofia Keane--Soccer
Elizabeth Shrout--Field Hockey

Posted 11/19/2014 11:29AM
Three Stone Ridge varsity field hockey athletes were selected to the 2014 All-Gazette team.  Congratulations to Kallie Drewyer '15 (1st team), Elizabeth Young '16 (2nd team), and Samantha Taskey '15 (honorable mention).  Read more from The Gazette.
Posted 11/13/2014 01:37PM

A banner hung in the corner of the Stone Ridge pool in honor of Dominik Pettey, the Gonzaga hockey player who died November 2.  Read more from Bryan Flaherty at Reachforthewall.com. 

Posted 10/29/2014 05:36PM

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart (MD) 2015 goalie Isabella Richardson has made a commitment to play Division III lacrosse at Washington College.  Read more from toplaxrecruits.com

Posted 10/10/2014 11:18AM

Seniors give Gators a boost to contend for the league championship. Read more from The Gazette

Posted 10/03/2014 09:37AM
Why attend Stone Ridge? Some may say for the excellent academics, or for the one-of-a-kind Social Action program...for the quality arts program, strong athletics, leadership opportunities, all-girls, the Sacred Heart Network, or the long-standing traditions, etc. The real value of a Stone Ridge education is, in fact, that all of these things roll into one and make a unique and very special culture. Our Grade 7 students went to visit the District of Columbia Courts. Head of School Catherine Ronan Karrels’ 86 received a note from Mr. Rich Parris, Chief Security Officer at the Courts.

“Ms. Karrels - I give presentations to lots of visitors in the course of my duties - trade school, high school and college students; folks in law school; interns, law clerks, and people from other countries. Most with a thirst to learn; almost all with questions. I’m writing to tell you a couple of things you most surely already know. Your young ladies were incredible different.”  Read the entire letter.

Posted 08/29/2014 01:01PM

The Stone Ridge Visual Arts Department presents: The First Annual Faculty Art Show

August 29, 2014–October 10, 2014
Brick Corridor Gallery

Be sure to walk through the Brick Corridor to see the work of our talented art teachers!

(painting by Sarah Sanders, Middle School Art Teacher)

Posted 08/06/2014 08:57PM

How fast can SR Gator Katie Ledecky '15 go?

"The swimming world will get a good indication on the first day (of Nationals in Irvine, CA), when Katie has both the 100 and 800 freestyles." -- Watch Katie Ledecky swim the 800m TONIGHT on Universal Sports at 9:00 pm EDT. Visithttp://www.teamusa.org/news/2014/august/05/six-swimming-races-you-wont-want-to-miss

Continue to cheer on Katie as she swims the 200m Freestyle tomorrow, August 7, followed by the 1500m Freestyle on Sunday, August 10.

Stay tuned for updates on her times! 

Posted 05/14/2014 02:42PM
Catherine Johnson '18, Hannah Sanghvi '21, and Alexandra Stach '20 were recently honored as some of the brightest young students in the nation at a regional awards ceremony for academically advanced children sponsored by The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY). The Center honored these Stone Ridge girls as participants in the CTY Talent Search, for their exceptional performance on a rigorous, above-grade-level test given to academically talented second-through-eighth-grade students.
Posted 04/29/2014 11:36AM

The Upper School Theater Department performed the musical One Bad Apple over the weekend. On Saturday, April 26, the playwright, Raphe Beck attended the performance. It was a thrill for the girls to have the writer in attendance, and he asked them all for their autographs.

Sandra Blakeslee (director),Raphe Beck (writer), Anna Cantilena '16 (actor)

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