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Middle School

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Middle School!

Annabelle MorganThe Middle School years are special. They are punctuated by significant periods of growth and change and are a crucial time in the developmental life of young ladies. Middle School is a time of discovery, a path that leads to adolescence. We therefore feel that it is important to provide our young ladies with the academic, emotional, and spiritual support they need to develop a strong sense of self.

A Middle School girl at Stone Ridge is busy; she’s on the go, engaged in a myriad activities. Her interests span the classroom, the athletic field, the stage, and the community, where she is involved in social action projects.

Responsive teaching and mentoring models allow our students to assert themselves and to explore intellectual pursuits with excitement and interest. A strong values-based program helps them reach their full potential, teaching them to take healthy risks while exercising wise freedom and maintaining a healthy self-image.

The Middle School at Stone Ridge is the place where passion, discernment, and a thirst for life and learning converge.

Warm regards,

Anabelle Morgan
Head of Middle School


To meet a Middle School girl, please click here.

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