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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School! 

These exciting years are characterized by tremendous change and growth.  Middle School is an important time in which students learn to be learners and self-esteem is developed. It is a time when children transition into adolescents.

A Middle School girl at Stone Ridge is always on the move, always busy, and very independent. Whether on the tennis court or lacrosse field, in multimedia class or the library researching a topic for a term paper, a Middle School girl’s day is in constant motion. 

Equal emphasis is placed on language, math, science, the humanities, and athletics. As a laptop school, Stone Ridge utilizes technology throughout the curriculum, giving the students a strong base of computer skills. The students thrive on interactive assignments rather than passive listening. The classroom environments allow the girls to assert themselves and interact with each student and their teachers. Positive female role models and a strong values-based education, at this adolescent age, help the girls maintain a healthful self-image and build up the courage to develop new interests.

Stone Ridge girls are instilled with a passion, a focus, and a curiosity for learning and for life.


To meet a Middle School girl, please click here.

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