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Network of Sacred Heart Schools

The Network comprises 24 schools and affiliates in North America as well as over 200 schools in 41 countries throughout the world. The international character of Sacred Heart helps to foster an important global awareness in students and appreciation for varied cultures and societies.

The Sacred Heart Network provides a means for mutual support and development among the schools through sharing of intellectual, spiritual, and other resources. Faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees participate in national Network workshops and seminars. Students benefit from award-winning Network summer service programs, national and international exchange programs, group workshops, and opportunities to use shared technology resources including distance learning.

Two hundred years after the first school opened, students in the Sacred Heart Network continue to share in an education rooted in Christian tradition and values. For more information, please visit the Network of Sacred Heart Schools website at

Independent but never isolated, every Sacred Heart school needs to feel the strength of belonging to a larger whole, of sharing principles, broad purposes, hopes and ambitions.
Preamble to the Goals and Criteria, 1975 

Network of Sacred Heart Schools

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