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Arts Mission & Philosophy


The mission of the Arts curriculum from Pre-K through Grade 12, promotes and provides a diverse range of opportunities for students to develop the unique gifts that are within them. By establishing a sequential arts program, we gradually empower our students to develop technical and conceptual skills for critical thinking, risk-taking, decision-making and problem-solving. Simultaneously, they enhance their self-esteem, self-management, self-motivation, and, eventually become more responsible and compassionate citizens of a global society. Appropriate environments must be carefully crafted to accommodate their respective artistic needs and interests so that they can develop and grow as today’s creators and tomorrow’s consumers of the arts.

Our focus is twofold: the quality of the student’s performance and the quality of the final product. One balances the other. Our ultimate goal is to make the arts an enriching and fulfilling experience for every student while generating an ongoing appetite and appreciation for meaning in the lives of our graduates as reflected in the Fine Arts. Our hope is that our students will have meaningful experiences that will affect them deeply, touch the inexpressible and connect beyond the reality of everyday life as we know it to be.


In accordance with the vision of St Madeleine Sophie and in the spirit of Sacred Heart education, we believe:
  • in educating the whole child by integrating the Visual and Performing Arts as vehicles of creative expression for body, mind and soul.
  • that it is our sacred responsibility to inspire, nurture and encourage our students to awaken within themselves their God-given gifts.
  • that it is essential for our students to give creative expression to these gifts by playing, dancing, singing, acting, and making meaningful treasures to enrich their own lives and communities.
  • that they should have some fun in this process. 
  • the innate desire to seek meaning in all things is part of our human condition. It demands nothing less than a total awareness of and engagement in that which presents itself to us in the present moment.
Upper School Artist

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