A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.



2018-2019 Quick look at our major dates and half days and after care options.

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Sun, Jul 29
Mon, Jul 30
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Tue, Jul 31
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Wed, Aug 1
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Thu, Aug 2
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Fri, Aug 3
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Sat, Aug 4
Sun, Aug 5
Mon, Aug 6
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Tue, Aug 7
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Wed, Aug 8
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Thu, Aug 9
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Fri, Aug 10
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Sat, Aug 11
Sun, Aug 12
Mon, Aug 13
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Tue, Aug 14
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Wed, Aug 15
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Thu, Aug 16
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Fri, Aug 17
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Sat, Aug 18
Sat, Sep 1

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