A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


Why teach at Stone Ridge?

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart is a community of reflective practitioners committed to excellence in teaching and learning. This community extends to an international network of Sacred Heart schools and educators in 44 countries around the world.

The philosophy of Sacred Heart education is framed by the assumption that education is transformational because students and educators are engaged in learning for the purpose of coming to self-understanding as those loved by God. Such self-understanding is not possible without intentional formation in critical thinking.  ~ The Network of Sacred Heart Schools

A Stone Ridge education involves much more than academic success. The mission is rooted in the Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart education which encompasses a distinctive spirit and emphasis on faith, intellect, awareness, community, and growth.

Stone Ridge provides a welcoming environment in which collegiality and leadership are hallmarks of our professional development program. We value what each individual brings to our whole.

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Marianela Morgan
Second Grade teacher

MarianelaI love that Stone Ridge inspires students and faculty alike to serve. Students’ realization of the injustices that exist in the world sparks an authentic desire in their hearts to serve from a very early age. Our youngest have unlimited potential and compassion. Through faculty and student-led initiatives, we make a difference in the lives of others.

The Stone Ridge family serves with passion and is helping create a better future for our girls, community, and the world. I am committed in our mission of empowering our students not only through service, but also in partnering with families in preparing them to be confident, courageous, compassionate young women.

Nikola Edgar
Upper School Psychologist

Stone Ridge is not only an educational institution that holds high standards for all students’ academic excellence, but it is a community that embraces diversity and focuses its teaching to the growth of the whole child. In my position as Upper School Psychologist, I am fortunate to assist in the socio-emotional growth of each students. My favorite part about working at Stone Ridge is engaging and interacting with the students weekly in seminars where I teach and facilitate group discussions about topics that tend to surface in the adolescent years. It is a wonderful experience to connect with the students in this way. They become familiar with the topics presented, with me and with each other. Seminars are so unique to Stone Ridge, it puts Goal V, a personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom, into action. It is wonderful how the school supports each child as they transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college. It provides all students the opportunity, space, and freedom to strengthen their leadership skills for future endeavors and grow as leaders in their own personal lives.

I am blessed that I am working in an environment where students’ needs are supported in a way that allows them to reach their learning potential and personally thrive as a child of the Sacred Heart.

Lesley Sheldon
Kindergarten teacher

When I first began working at Stone Ridge I was introduced to the five goals of Sacred Heart education. I knew I was in the right place professionally because the Goals spoke to me deeply. Thirteen years later, I am still profoundly moved and motivated by the Goals, particularly Goal IV- the building of community as a Christian value. Community, at Stone Ridge, means family. And as in any strong family, each individual – student, teacher, parent, staff member – is valued, respected, and cared for. Each person – be it the youngest child or a faculty member whose tenure spans decades - is encouraged to find, develop, and share her or his gifts and talents. Every member is seen as unique, but also important to the growth, vibrancy, and strength of the school community.

I am always in awe, that while it is my role as a First Grade teacher to help each of my students find their own individual gifts and at the same time learn to work within a community, the same is always being done for me. Year after year I work with amazing children, but am also nurtured by my professional community, my Stone Ridge family.

Professional Development Opportunities

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Stone Ridge

Lower School Student Diversity: 41%
Middle School Student Diversity: 33%
Upper School Student Diversity: 38%

  • Electives in Upper School
  • Professional development opportunities at regional and national conferences
  • Programming & ongoing growth opportunities around diversity & multiculturalism
  • Sacred Heart networking opportunities
  • Membership/participation with Black Student Fund, EastEd, NEMNET, among other professional DEI organizations

A Sample of SR Benefits


  • Kaiser Permanente Signature HMO - (Health Maintenance Organization)
  • United Healthcare (UHC) ‘Optimum Choice’ HMO - (Health Maintenance Organization)
  • United Healthcare Choice Plus POS – (Point of Service)
  • United Healthcare Choice Plus HSA - (Health Savings Account)


  • DentaQuest Access ePPO
  • United Healthcare Dental Plan

Vision Benefit Plan – Capital Vision Services

Tuition Remission

All employees of Stone Ridge are entitled to receive a partial remission of tuition for all children attending Stone Ridge School, Stone Ridge Day Care, or Stone Ridge Summer Campus during the parent’s employment. Tuition remission will be provided at a 40% discount off the published tuition for any academic year or camp session. Tuition remission does not apply to application fees or any other incidental fees that an employee may be obligated to.

Continuing Education Fund

Stone Ridge places a high value on continuing education and will provide scholarship towards tuition and fees for approved courses for academic credit as well as registration fees for appropriate conferences, workshops, seminars, and the like, subject to the availability of funds in any given year. Requests from employees who work less than 60% will be decided on a case by case basis.


  • Retirement Plan- T.I.A.A. - C.R.E.F.