I can tell you firsthand how our school impacts lives. I spent twelve years of my childhood at Stone Ridge, and gained the skills, confidence, and faith needed to reach my potential. I received an outstanding education that included hard work and self-discipline, but also allowed time for prayer and play. My girlfriends from Stone Ridge were like sisters to me, and my teachers were not only dedicated professionals but also loving role models. It is this same experience of excellence in Catholic education that Stone Ridge continues to provide for students today.
– Catherine Ronan Karrels '86, Head of School
Catherine Karrels


Head of School

It doesn’t take long for visitors to our campus to recognize the warmth and vitality that is characteristic of a Stone Ridge student’s daily journey. Our vibrant academic and co-curricular programs, lead by outstanding and caring educators, are designed with great intention to engage students as agents of their own learning. Rooted in the tradition of Sacred Heart education which was established more than 200 years ago in France, Stone Ridge continually adapts this time-honored educational practice to the needs and progress of our modern era. We provide a rigorous education that focuses on the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each individual child. Central to our teaching is the sacred imperative to educate the whole child, and in doing so, allowing students to both experience God’s love and bring that love to others.

Our co-educational Little Hearts program utilizes hands-on, project-based learning to engage the curiosity and holistic development of our youngest students. Recognized as a leading all-girls Catholic school, our single sex environment in 1st through 12th grades allows us to focus our culture, curriculum, programs, and support services on the specific needs and strengths of girls and young women.

As a Catholic School that welcomes students of all faith backgrounds, Stone Ridge celebrates and cultivates the faith lives of our community members as a critical part of our shared humanity. With the building of community as a central component of our mission, we are an intentionally diverse community that values the unique gifts, perspectives, and traditions that each student brings. Our students, who range in age from early childhood to high school, are at the center of the abundant joy that leads to a life-long passion for learning and a deep commitment to using one’s gifts in service of others.

I often ask our seniors what they will miss about Stone Ridge beyond graduation. Their responses speak of the beloved culture and joy that they experience while in our care. They typically say that they will miss the people-- not only the classmates that they now call sisters, but also the remarkable faculty and staff who have supported, guided, and been champions for them over the years. They speak about their love for the customs and traditions-- whether Blue/Gold competition, Field Day, Feast Wishes, or a whole host of other annual traditions that are part of the fabric of their childhood. They remark that they will miss the feeling of comfort they have on campus, acknowledging that every student finds her place here and feels at home. They say they will miss our Social Action program, our All-School liturgies, the daily intellectual challenges of the classroom, the fun of playing on our athletics teams or being part of the arts programs. 

Our alumnae wear their school rings with great pride, knowing that this symbol of the values instilled in them as “children of the Sacred Heart” will be carried with them for a lifetime. Our greatest reward comes from knowing that they are not only women who are prepared with the intellect, skills, and disposition to live well-rounded, healthy, and successful lives, but that they are formed with hearts to be of service to others.

I hope you will be inspired as you come to know Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart by exploring our website. But words on a page can never convey the great energy, spirit, and culture of our school. Please come for a visit so we can welcome you in person.

Warm regards, 
Catherine Ronan Karrels ’86

Administrative Team

Catherine Ronan Karrels ’86, Head of School
James Purse, Assistant Head of School
Malcolm McCluskey, Head of Upper School
Alexandra Sundman, Head of Middle School
Sandra Gillespie, Head of Lower School
Eric Osberg, Chief Administrative Officer
LaRita Gordon, Director of Enrollment Management
Kimberly Johnson, Director of Institutional Advancement
Kate Kalas, Director of Marketing and Communications

Board of Trustees 2023-24

Eileen C. Mayer ’70, Chair*
Jose Mario Ortega, MD, Vice-Chair
Beatriz L. Albornoz ’10*
Joseph Ciancaglini
Thomas A. Duckenfield, III
Elizabeth R. Emerson, AIA ’92*
Jonica V. Gibson
Melanie Guste, RSCJ
Patrick W. Hickey, MD
Catherine Ronan Karrels ’86, Ex-officio
Joseph A. Kenary, Treasurer
Maryann Luongo
Mary Nordberg O’Connor ’83, Secretary*
Anna Marie Parisi-Trone
Clare S. Pratt, RSCJ ’57*
Edward J. Quinn
Claudia Saad
Wendi M. Williams

*Denotes Sacred Heart Alumnus/a