Safety, Health & Protocols (COVID-19)

Last Updated: 06.02.20
Stone Ridge continues to monitor the spread of and information on the coronavirus (COVID-19) and will be updating this web page regularly to share information about the School’s response. We will rely on the local authorities and the CDC, and we will follow the standard of care that is recommended for schools in the state of Maryland as outlined in Maryland Together: Maryland’s Recovery Plan for Education.

We are working very hard to try to get our students back on campus as soon as it is safe to do so. We anticipate that Phase II of Maryland’s return to business will allow for child care centers to reopen. The plan does not specify which phase will allow for schools to begin to reopen, but key factors seem to pivot on the ability to maintain social distancing and other safety protocols.

For additional information or questions, please feel free to contact:
  • Bob Rappoport, Director of Safety and Security, ext. 4009
  • Giovanna Corcoran, RN, Director of Health Services, ext. 1562
  • Division Office (Lower School ext. 1267; Middle School ext. 1524; Upper School ext. 1182)
  • Admissions Office, ext. 1620 
    • LaRita Gordon, Director of Enrollment Management (Preschool - Grade 12)
    • Meghan EllisLittle Hearts (Infants, Toddlers, and 2s)
    • Nancy Wiegand, Lower School (Preschool-Grade 4)
    • Beth GregoryMiddle School (Grades 5-8)
    • Lisa Zingone, Upper School (Grades 9-12)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Resources on (COVID-19) Coronavirus


Additional Updates

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As the ways in which we have traditionally connected to our personal faith and our communities have been disrupted, we offer a new webpage called FaithSR. This web page has resources for you and your families to help sustain and deepen your spirituality and connect your prayer needs to the community of Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart.

Spring Sports

Stone Ridge Upper School Parents and Students of Spring Sports,

As a follow-up to Stone Ridge's decision to pivot to a virtual learning program over the coming weeks in response to the COVID-19 virus in the region, the last day for on-campus athletics at Stone Ridge will be tomorrow, Thursday, March 12.

While school is in the virtual learning protocol and students are off campus, there will be no organized athletics on campus. At the moment, all games and competitions from now until Sunday, April 5 will be cancelled or postponed. In conjunction with the school announcement on April 1, we will provide an update on season schedules.

Coaches of each program will be in touch by Monday, March 16 with remote recommendations and training suggestions over the coming weeks. Please be on the lookout for those emails.

Thank you,

Andrew Maguire
Director of Athletics

Visitors to Campus/Campus Etiquette

Stone Ridge respectfully requests that no one come to our campus (including employees, parents/guardians, students, or visitors) if they have respiratory symptoms, a runny nose, and/or a fever. Special attention should be given to keeping our youngest students home (under the age of five) if they display any of these symptoms. 
Stone Ridge is a warm and friendly place, where hugs, handshakes, and high fives are typically plentiful. For the time being, all such physical contact will be highly discouraged and can be replaced with kind words, smiles, eye contact, namaste-style bows, and elbow bumps.  


As a precautionary measure and in accordance with the Archdiocese of Washington, we will be discontinuing – temporarily – the practice of offering communion under the form of Precious Blood, as well as exchanging the sign of peace in the form of a handshake at our Masses.  The fullness of the sacrament of the Eucharist is present under either species and no one is ever under an obligation to shake hands during the sign of peace (a statement of peace, bow or other gesture is also appropriate.) Communicants always have the option to receive Communion in their hands, rather than on their tongue and ministers of Holy Communion will be advised to take care not to touch the tongue or hand of communicants. As is our regular practice, ministers of Holy Communion will use hand sanitizer before distributing the Eucharist. Low-gluten hosts are available to those who communicate this need to a Campus Minister before Mass.  We will also temporarily suspend filling our holy water fonts.

Disinfecting the Campus


Stone Ridge contracted with a professional cleaning service to completely disinfect the School including the air filters. This work involved a small team of professionals walking all 215,000 square feet of building space with electrostatic sprayers. The mist produced by these sprayers is electrically charged and sticks to all surface areas.  

An important part of keeping our campus safe involves frequent deep cleaning and disinfecting of the campus buildings by the Facilities Department. The Housekeeping team is working tirelessly to make sure all ‘touch points’ and heavily used surfaces are kept clean for our safety. This includes; door knobs, handrails, faucets, desks and table tops, among others. This work happens on a routine basis during the school year, but has been increased to a daily service during this time.

Important Reminder: As stated by the Centers for Disease Control, the best protection against COVID-19 starts with each of us. Simple actions, such as, washing your hands, avoiding sick individuals and staying home when you are sick are best practices for combating the spread of this illness.

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