Why Stone Ridge?

We are more than a school.

We are a community of learners, friends, educators, and leaders.


We have the
Goals to live by.

As part of a global family of the Network of Sacred Heart schools, Stone Ridge provides a family life. For current students, it offers a place to thrive whether in academics, athletics, or the arts. For alumnae, it provides a roadmap for life. Stone Ridge uniquely holds a key ingredient — a set of Goals. As any Stone Ridge girl from Grade 1-12 can tell you, the five Goals of Sacred Heart education: Faith, Intellect, Social Action, Community, and Growth, provide a framework for our girls to become stronger women and to make a difference in the world.

Social Action day at the Excel Academy


Middle School STEAM


We have opportunities
for ALL to thrive.

A girl who loves theater but isn’t interested in sports? We’ve got a spot for her on stage. A girl who aspires to be a doctor or an engineer? She will fit right in. An athlete for all three seasons? Come join our team! No matter a girl’s current interests, strengths, and weaknesses, Stone Ridge will help her grow in ways she never thought imaginable. Just take a look at our thriving alumnae, who are amazing women succeeding in life. Many of them will attest to the positive foundational skills they learned at Stone Ridge.

We teach that we are more than ourselves.

Stone Ridge believes and teaches the importance of actively thinking about and caring for others and the earth. Inherent in the five Goals of Sacred Heart education, we teach and live compassion. Whether helping those in need through Lower School classroom projects to support the poor, or serving through Social Action with their Upper School classmates for an entire day at local nonprofits twice a month, our girls will experience and understand the life-changing benefits of helping others.

Lauren Winkler


Upper School academics


We are rigorous in
our academics.

Our girls are here to learn. We challenge our girls. We stretch them to think and write and research and communicate and compute to their fullest capabilities. And we do it in healthy, age-appropriate ways. Learners move on to new topics only until they’ve mastered the current one. Whether through The Project Approach in Preschool or an AP course in the Upper School, our girls will delve into topics that excite and stretch them. We know our girls are excelling in academics because we see it in their test scores and in the impressive list of colleges they get accepted to each and every year.

We are a community
of faith.

We are Christ-centered. Prayer is a part of each and every day. Girls are taught Catholic teachings and participate in Mass and the Sacraments. And, we embrace the questions. We are compassionate and understanding that faith is a personal journey that comes to us in the unique ways that God has planned. We respect ALL faiths. We have a significant percentage of girls who are not Catholic.




Teacher and student


We have first-class teachers.

The majority of our teachers hold Masters degrees and many have Doctorates. Teaching is their passion and helping our students not just learn but excel is their goal. They are patient, they are communicative, and they care.

We have a robust visual and performing arts curriculum.

Be it 3D ceramics, dark-room photography, oil painting or charcoal sketching, your daughter will have the opportunity to express and hone her artistic skills through a variety of visual arts course offerings in the Upper School and weekly art classes in the Lower and Middle Schools. Equally robust are myriad opportunities for those interested in the performing arts. Be it music and movement for the little ones, dance, orchestra, strings, choral groups and full scale theatrical productions for the middle and upper schoolers, your daughter will get the chance to shine on the stage.

Upper School play


Track runner


We are #GatorStrong.

2018 Independent School League Lewis Cup champions. 2019 National Catholic High School Champions for Swimming and Diving. 2019 Mid-Atlantic Girls Hockey League champions. 2018 Independent School League champions for Cross Country. The list goes on. Winning is not our goal, however. Encouraging a lifelong love of remaining physically and mentally healthy through active sport is. We want all children to have the opportunity to experience a love of sport, so have expanded the number of teams to allow more athletes to participate.

We have a
beautiful campus.

Our campus is cheerful, it is beautiful and it is peaceful. It has lush grass and shady trees. It is spacious. It is welcoming. And, the inside spaces are just as lovely, offering conducive spots to learn and grow, quiet nooks to study and relax, and open communal spaces for gathering with friends.