A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


Diversity Education Program

At Stone Ridge, our student body comes from a variety of religious, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds within a 50-mile radius of Bethesda, Maryland, reflecting the rich diversity of our dynamic region.

Program Mission Statement

The Stone Ridge community embodies the mission and values of the Society of the Sacred Heart. In alignment with the Goals and Criteria of a Sacred Heart education, our Diversity Education Program works to:

  • Foster “inter-religious acceptance and dialogue for deep respect of the world religions”;
  • Utilize “a variety of teaching and learning strategies that recognize the individual needs of our students”;
  • Partner with the Social Action Program to ”prepare students to be active, informed, and responsible citizens”;
  • Intentionally “promote[s] a safe and welcoming environment in which each person is valued, cared for and respected”; and
  • Collaborate with Admissions, Formation to Mission and Campus Ministry, Operations, and Professional Development to attract families, students, and employees reflecting our region’s racial, ethnic, familial and socioeconomic diversity

Vision for Diversity and Equity

Henna Tattoo

At Stone Ridge and in accordance with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), we understand diversity to mean the range of identities and experiences that individuals, groups, and communities share, and equity as the act of intentionally supporting all students and community members. Our comprehensive understanding of the diversity in our Stone Ridge community is guided, in part, by guidelines from NAIS on the cultural identifiers in a school. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Ability
  2. Age
  3. Body Image
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Family Structure
  6. Gender Identity
  7. Learning Style
  8. National Origin/Geographic Background
  9. Race
  10. Religion
  11. Sexual Orientation
  12. Socioeconomic Status (Social Class)

Programming and Support

The Diversity Education Program at Stone Ridge seeks to “nurture and exercise leadership in its many forms” (Goal V; Criterion 4). We do this by engaging various constituents throughout the School. Community members routinely partner with the Director to develop age-appropriate programming, academic initiatives, and professional development. Examples include:

  • All-School: Diversity Council and Parent Diversity Committee. These committees engage administrators, faculty, students, parents and alumni. We also provide professional development to faculty and staff
  • Lower School: Student Diversity Board Lower School Liaisons, Spring Festival Lower School Sub-Committee, Kindergarten Diversity Reading Program
  • Middle School: Middle School Student Council Diversity Representative, Student Diversity Board Middle School Liaisons, Spring Festival Middle School Sub-Committee
  • Upper School: Diversity and Cultural Groups, Spring Festival Diversity Committee, Student Diversity Board, Student Diversity Leadership Conference planning committee, Diversity and Social Justice Team

Partnerships and Participation
Active participants of the Diversity Program routinely engage with the following organizations:


Hispanic Affinity Culture Assembly: Dia de la Raza

Upper School

Middle School

Lower School

Faculty and Staff Professional Development

International Day - Leadership

Non-Discrimination Statement
Equal employment and advancement opportunities are offered to all current Stone Ridge faculty and staff as well as potential recruits. Rooted in the Goals & Criteria of Sacred Heart education, Stone Ridge seeks to hire diverse employees with the necessary experience, skills, and personality to help the mission thrive.

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants without regard to their age, color, disability status, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sex, veteran status, or any other class protected by state or federal law. As a Catholic school in the Sacred Heart tradition, Stone Ridge reserves the right to use religion as a hiring criterion for selected positions, as permitted by law. Employment offers are contingent on the satisfactory outcome of a standard background screening.

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