Lower School

Inspiring a lifelong love of learning and giving.

Our Lower School is a place where the students learn from each other, from their environment,
and through educational experiences — it is a place where childhood dreams exist.

Focusing on child-centered curriculum that allows students to explore concepts from multiple perspectives through authentic inquiry, Stone Ridge’s Lower School (Pre-Kindergarten - Grades 4) guides students through the process of coming to know themselves, cultivating a joy for learning, making wise choices, and understanding their gifts and their responsibilities in our world as a child of the Sacred Heart.

Student receiving Primes medal
Nurturing our Community in the Sacred Heart Tradition

All of the students in the Lower School are guided in their development of a personal and active faith in God. As children of the Sacred Heart, our students learn to be alert to the needs of others and to understand deeply that genuine love always takes the form of service. Guided by a community that models respect, compassion, forgiveness and generosity, our students come to know God and to act for Him in justice and love. A community of many faiths and cultural traditions, we celebrate together and we come to understand our place in a global world.

Joyful Growth for Academic Success

Young children live and learn in a social context and academic success is predicated on social success. The social curriculum in the Lower School is an intentional, research-based program designed to support girls at every level. All Lower School faculty are trained facilitators of the Responsive Classroom approach and specific strategies, including Morning Meeting, logical consequences, academic choice, and interactive modeling are employed to support the social development of our children.

two girls in science class



Critical Thinking and Innovating through a Sacred Heart Global Mindset

The Stone Ridge Lower School is a place where children learn from each other, their environment, and their educational experiences. The Project Approach is a unique piece to the Lower School curriculum, complementing our other instructional methods. A project is an extended and in-depth investigation of a real-world topic. Children gain deep understanding and knowledge by seeking answers to questions with first-hand investigations. Projects are undertaken by the whole class, with children working in small groups as they become experts in different aspects of the topic of study. The Project Approach draws on children’s natural curiosity, thus making them critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and innovators. The Lower School faculty works collaboratively in the project's design and implementation, creating a richer and more thoughtful experience for children.

Academic Program Overview