The Stone Ridge Drama Department Presents

Cokie Boggs Roberts ’60 Theater
November 11 and 12, 2022


Shrek The Musical JR.

Based on the DreamWorks Animation Motion Picture and the Book by William Steig 

Book and Lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire 

Music by Jeanine Tesori 

Originally produced on Broadway by DreamWorks Theatricals and Neal Street Productions 

Original Production Directed by Jason Moore and Rob Ashford 

"I'm A Believer" (Neil Diamond) (c) 1966 Stonebridge Music, Foray Music. All rights administered by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (SESAC), on behalf of Stonebridge Music, and by Foray Music (SESAC). All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Production Team

Rick Westerkamp

Music Director:
Elizabeth Cunha

Technical Director:
Tien-Yin Sun

Costume Rentals:
Flo Arnold

Costume Manager:
Sandra Blakeslee

Costume Assistant:
Ellie Blakeslee

Sound Designer
Luke Greffen & Danny Schwartz

Production Stage Managers:
Jasmine Kastens & Maddie Lockley

Assistant Stage Managers:
Charlotte Boswell & Arabella Craig



Shrek  •  Marina Romero / Charlotte Gaughan

Fiona  •  Olivia Ostrowski / Bridget Voglmayr

Donkey  •  Whitney Levy / Bianca Pulciani

Lord Farquaad  •  Eleanor Korte / Mirren Fallon

Dragon  •  Seseti Molamba / Rebecca Jones-Watkins

Pinocchio  •  Helena Kelly / Mackenzie Fallon

Gingy  •  Anne Heetderks / Liza Rowan

Mama Ogre / Dragonette  •  Franny Hittle / Kaitlin Stokes

Teen Fiona / Dragonette  •  Mollie Cunha / Jamie Russell

Young Fiona / Dragonette  •  Louisa Burkhart / Charlotte Mahon

The Three Little Pigs  •  Ainsley Bell, Lane Fletcher, Bella Ortiz /
Mae Burkhart, Quinn Fletcher, Kate Raffo

Ugly Duckling  •  Isla Allen

Mama Bear  •  Katherine Ellis / Cally Kammerer

Baby Bear  •  Addie Bradshaw / Piper Smith

Papa Bear  •  Sonja Pietrucha

Wicked Witch  •  Olivia Tallamy / Zoia Mitova

The Big Bad Wolf  •  Alexandra Stawinski

Peter Pan  •  Olivia Netram / Ella Driscoll

Papa Ogre  •  Marly Aguieiras-Ames / Isabella Batista-Rodriguez

Captain of the Guard  •  Ione Seaman / Marcella Kinzel

Pied Piper / Dwarf  •  Lizzie Kelly

Storytellers  •  Tova Puro, Ribhya Shiohare, Rowan Seaman /
Joanna Andrews, Sophie Alexander, Hope Kendrick

Bishop / Roosters  •  Nicoletta Karvelas / Chloe Cassidy

Little Shrek / Guards / Knights  •  Grace Caslani / Kate Osborne

* Note: Students listed first perform on 11/11. Students listed second perform on 11/12

Ensemble  •  Yankarla Ayala Terrazas, Hagan Erdel (11/11), Samantha Roemer, Sofia Vasquez


Song List

“Big Bright Beautiful World”

“Story of My Life”

“What’s Up Duloc? (Part 1)”

“What’s Up Duloc? (Part 2)”

“What’s Up Duloc (Reprise)”

“I Know It’s Today”

“Travel Song”

“Dragon Roar”


“This is How a Dream Comes True”

“Morning Person”  

“I Think I Got You Beat”

“Make a Move”

“Morning Person (Reprise)”

“Freak Flag”

“Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)”


“I’m a Believer”



Fiona Costume Designers/Builders  •  US Tech Theatre Class: Maddie DeLuca, Abigail Feinberg Gabi McCormick

Light Board Operator  •  Jasmine Kastens

Sound Board Operator  •  Maria Hurtado

Sound Mixer Operator  •  Maddie Lockley

Spotlight Operators  •  Maeve Christmas & Ranya Seid

Front of House  •  Mariela Casanova, Maeve Christmas, Sophia Matzzie, Serena Netram, Ranya Seid, Charlotte Wells

Backstage Crew  •  Mariela Casanova, Harper Fedlam, Ellie Gillick, Maddie Hart, Carrie Kornegay, Bess Lesnick, Sophia Matzzie,
Serena Netram, Jhanvi Raja, Michelle Sims, Charlotte Wells

Set Build/Paint Crew  •  Mary Rose Blanton, Claire Dowling, Evie Eckel, Harper Fedlam, Barbara Fioravanti, Maddie Hart, Tierney Hsu, Sophie Lange-Geise, Sophia Matzzie, Poppy McDonald, Ella Patil, Jhanvi Raja, Michelle Sims

Costume Shop Crew  •  Mia Farinre-Blackistone, Anne Heetderks, Sophia Matzzie, Zoe Nene, Kate Osborne, Jhanvi Raja, Maria Ruggiero


Director's Note
With great pleasure, I welcome you to the Roberts Theater in the Mater Center for the Middle School Musical, Shrek The Musical JR! As we sit in Roberts Theater, named for Stone Ridge alumna Cokie Boggs Roberts '60, I'm reminded of Cokie's husband, Steven, recounting in his biography of her Cokie's love of hearing female voices singing in harmony. 

Like many of our Middle School students, the titular character  Shrek is one thing on the surface and so many things underneath the surface. Shrek initially presents as gruff and anthropophobic, but as we journey with him, we learn that he is funny, loyal, and full of heart. This show will make you laugh and want to sing and dance with the cast. It will also underscore  the virtue of individuality, embrace of difference, and, in the words of our fairytale characters: “What makes you special makes you strong.”

It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Shrek The Musical JR, a prime example of Goal V: Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the performance!

Thank You!

The Cast and Crew of Shrek The Musical JR would like to thank the following people for their efforts and support:

Catherine Ronan Karrels '86  •  Head of School

Dr. Alexandra Sundman  •  Head of the Middle School

Ms. Renee Karlin  •  Assistant Head of Middle School/Academics

Mr. Nick Hitchens  •  Director of Arts

Mrs. Elizabeth Cunha, Mr. Luke Greffen, Mr. Tien-Yin Sun

Mrs. Sandra Blakeslee, Ms. Ellie Blakeslee, and Flo Arnold

Mrs. Elisabeth Oplinger

The Cast and Crew Parent Volunteers

The Health Services Team, Mrs. Giovanna Corcoran & Mrs. Lisa Tetteh

Mrs. Stacy Springer, Ms. Keri Rasmussen, Mrs. Caitlin Myler Taylor '98

The Middle School Faculty & Staff

The Cast and Crew Families