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Technology and Innovation

Upper School Technology
Green screen in Middle School
Lower School Technology

The Educational Technology team is committed to the emotional, social, and intellectual development of our students through the lens of technology and innovation.

Stone Ridge's vision for technology and innovation is rooted in the principle of using technology to enhance best practices in teaching and learning. We provide a device and platform agnostic environment where our girls can learn to navigate all types of operating systems and hardware in order to ensure their ability to work with and on any type of tool. These skills will transfer to their experiences in post-secondary education and the workplace.

With a technologist in each division, our team is able to seamlessly use technology to foster our students’ creativity, communication skills, research skills, and critical thinking. Our close work with teachers, students, and administrators allows us to collaboratively grow and evolve the School’s technology program. Each of us brings in a unique set of skills from everything between robotics to multimedia creation, which continues to bring Stone Ridge to the forefront of technology and innovation.

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Urvi Shah
Director of Educational Technology & Innovation

Facts & Figures

Technology Facts and Figures

  • All Upper School students are issued a Apple MacBook Pro for the 1-to-1 Laptop program.
  • All Middle School students are issued a Lenovo ThinkPad as part of the 1-to-1 ThinkPad program.
  • Students in Grade 4 are in the 1-to-1 Chromebook program.
  • Students in Grades 2, 3 are in the 1-to-1 iPad program.
  • Students in Grades Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten have a classroom set of iPads.
  • The Middle School Library offers Kindles.
  • 46 teaching spaces/classrooms have Promethean Interactive White Boards or Epson BrightLinks that offer touch capability, allowing users the opportunity to manipulate content with a pen or their finger.
  • Professional Development is provided on a regular basis for all our teachers through our unique "Tech Session" program.

Lower School - Tools we Use


Middle and Upper School - Tools we use




Student Opportunities

STEM. Robotics. Internships.

Stone Ridge provides a variety of opportunities for girls to truly become dynamic technological leaders and innovators through rich internships, a robust STEM Certificate Program, and a robotics program with teams in both the Middle and Upper Schools.

Internships & Programs Outside SR

stem certificate program

Stone Ridge students love exploring! Some students uncover a passion for scientific discovery and seek to engage in scientific research and internship opportunities beyond the classroom. The Stone Ridge STEM Certificate recognizes those students that have demonstrated further interest in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) by having completed a variety of activities including an internship outside of Stone Ridge. With guidance and support from the program coordinator and science faculty, students find internship opportunities in the DC metro area, an area rich in technology and scientific endeavor. Back on campus, the students work with and lead student groups in local science and technology related competitions such as Science Bowl, Physics Olympics, Destination Imagination and Robotics. In addition, upperclassmen work with younger students as peer tutors. Students produce a portfolio of related experiences building science and technology knowledge and skills.

The purpose of the STEM Certificate Program is to support learning based on current best practices, especially with girls. The program aims to provide Stone Ridge students a healthy and balanced way to demonstrate their mastery of skills expected at the next level and allow girls to have more opportunities for the types of educational experiences that are believed most effective with girls--such as working with role models. Girls interested in science and technology need the opportunity to experience all types of innovation inside and outside the classroom and especially benefit from the experience of time in the laboratory or design space. For more information please contact Kathleen Flood. Program Requirements.

"Educators of girls know that this combination of competence and confidence allow girls to embrace a future in any field they choose." (Deak, J. (2010). How Girls Thrive. Green Blanket Press).


Middle School Robtics Team

Stone Ridge girls have been learning through and with robotics since 2013. Our Lower School students use LEGO WeDo kits as well as other robotic programs in their classes. Our Middle School girls have participated in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and won awards for their presentations and robot performances. Our Upper School girls have participated in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) as well as the underwater robotics competition called Seaperch. We currently offer after school programs, and in class robotic integration to students in every division.

For more information, please contact Ms Urvi Shah at ushah@stoneridgeschool.org.

Meet the Team

Urvi Shah

Ms. Urvi Shah
Director of Technology & Innovation

Rick Alfonso

Mr. Ricardo Alfonso
Middle School Technologist

Mr. Alfonso's Blog

Julia Ewart

Ms. Julia Ewart
Lower School Technologist

Ms. Ewart's Blog

Jason Rosenberg

Mr. Jason Rosenberg
Upper School Educational Technologist

Mr. Rosenberg's Blog

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