Responsible Use Policy

Technology Guidelines and Expectations

The School provides communication and information resources for students, faculty, and staff in order to create a productive and safe learning environment. These resources include, but are not limited to hardware, software, networks, technology platforms, email, and other types of equipment and services. These resources, and the Responsible Use Policy, are provided to support teaching and learning according to the School’s mission and academic program. Any personal use of School technology resources by staff or students is incidental—it is permitted but not supported. 

Stone Ridge retains sole right of possession of all School-owned and leased equipment. Stone Ridge is the owner of all School-owned and leased equipment, even equipment that has been assigned for students and staff to use. The School assigns equipment to students and staff for school-related use according to this RUP, the Code of Conduct, and the Employee Contract, as applicable. Stone Ridge may collect, inspect, and manage School-owned hardware and software at any time. Students and staff will return all School technology resources upon the conclusion of their employment or enrollment at Stone Ridge.

Stone Ridge technology resources must never be used for:

  • Illegal actions like fraud, harassment, stealing, etc. 

  • Viewing sexual, violent, hateful, harassing, or illegal content, online or offline.

  • Damaging or attempting to damage the technology resources of the School or of others, including altering network systems or equipment.

  • Violating copyright laws, plagiarizing, or sharing copyrighted materials.

  • Using the account information of someone else, including passwords.
  • Offering to sell anything, promoting a political cause, or running a business for profit.
  • Sharing confidential information, including the private information of Stone Ridge community members.

Stone Ridge students are responsible users of technology on- and off-campus: they consider the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria and the School Code of Conduct in their use of technology resources. Students must use technology resources in a way that is consistent with their identity as learners and leaders who care for the School and the members of the Stone Ridge community. A violation of this policy may have consequences, including disciplinary action and loss of technology privileges.

It is the School’s expectation that students: 

Goal I: Active Faith

  • Thoughtfully and reflectively build their faith and affirm their values using School technology resources
  • Reflect the hear of Christ with generosity, forgiveness, and compassion
    • Honor the dignity of all people when using School technology resources

Goal II: Intellectual Values

  • Effectively and actively learn using School technology resources
    • Follow teacher instructions in class when using technology
    • Be prepared each day to use technology resources for learning
    • Remove/resist distractions while using technology in class
    • Use school technology resources (including their school email account) purposefully, for school-related tasks, and in a way that supports their learning

Goal III: Social Action

  • Incorporate Catholic Social Teaching in their decisions around technology
    • Limit printing, especially color printing, and reduce print waste to care for our common home
    • Value the labor of others by abiding by copyright law and information ethics in their use of media and information resources
    • Develop understanding of their Rights and Responsibilities when using School technology resources

Goal IV: Building of Community

  • Protect their own private information and the private information of their community
    • Responsibly control their Personality identifying information and the Personally Identifying Information of others when they are online
    • Protect their login information, especially passwords and report any problems to the IT Office
    • Maintain the privacy of their personal cell phone numbers and social media accounts from faculty and staff
    • Consider and respect the privacy of students and staff in all communication that uses technology, including the use of images and video
    • Protect the privacy and security of the Stone Ridge network
  • Follow the Student Handbook in all communication that uses technology
    • Never pretend to be someone else
    • Practice informed, ethical decision-making and accountability
    • Represent the Stone Ridge community with consideration and respect

Goal V: Personal Growth

  • Maintain responsibility for their own device and respect the responsibilities of others
    • Never take the equipment of others
    • Maintain their own charger
    • Avoid loaning their equipment to others
    • Avoid using equipment in any situation where it may be reasonably be expected to be damaged, stolen, or lost.
    • Back up their own data as needed
  • Care for their technology resources and keep them in good condition in order to support their access to learning
    • Only install software that a teacher has given permission to install
    • Report missing or damaged equipment within one day of the incident to the IT Office
    • Treat School-owned equipment with good stewardship
  • Act with integrity and aim for personal growth
    • Follow the Terms of Service agreements on all services online, including age limits
    • Refrain from using any software and hardware that masks the use of Stone Ridge resources
    • Be reflective and ready to adapt as their experience with technology grows
    • Develop in wisdom regarding their use of technology and social media

Virtual Learning

If a Stone Ridge student is learning virtually, they are still:

  • A prepared student. They are in a good learning space, with a charged laptop in good condition and a headset;
  • An active learner. They are focused and responsive on their teacher's instructions, particularly about keeping cameras on and/or recording the class, and participate according to their teacher's requests;
  • A member of the Stone Ridge community. They are dressed according to community expectations and are showing the values of the Stone Ridge community in their virtual interactions;
  • Academically honest. They are responsible for their own ideas and the integrity of the school work they submit.

Stone Ridge Responsibilities

Stone Ridge will:

  • Maintain networks and equipment in good condition to support learning.
  • Provide software and hardware that supports teaching and learning according to the needs of the academic program.
  • Monitor, filter, and manage school networks according to the needs of the School and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Stone Ridge’s IT Office provides technical support on School-owned or leased equipment, Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm, excluding Holidays and School Closed days. Summer hours may vary. Contact the IT Office via email at or in person in the IT Office, Room 403. 

Lower School

  • Students in Kindergarten-Grade 4 will be assigned a School-owned iPad.
  • Students in Pre-Kindergarten will have iPads to use in their classrooms.
  • Students must follow their teacher’s instructions on the use of the School-owned iPad in each class and must have teacher permission to install apps or take their iPad home.
  • Students will treat their iPad with care and immediately report any damage or loss to their teacher.
    • Students are expected to keep their iPad in its case.
    • Students are expected to protect their iPads from water, food, weather, and pools/gyms.

Middle and Upper School

  • Students in grades 5-12 will be assigned a School-owned laptop.
  • Students must follow their teacher’s instructions on the use of the laptop in each class and must have teacher permissions to install software.
  • Students are expected to be prepared for school each day with their School-owned, charged laptop that is in good condition and a headset.
  • Students must treat their laptop with care and immediately report any damage or loss of the IT Office. The IT Office can be notified via email at or in person in the IT Office, Room 403.
    • Students are expected to carry their laptops between spaces closed and in a protective case.
    • Students are expected to protect their laptops from water, food, weather, and pools/gyms.
  • Middle School and Upper School students should consult the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct regarding personal cell phone and wearable technology (i.e. Smartwatch) use.

Equipment Damage

IT equipment is expected to show normal wear-and-tear, and Stone Ridge will repair or replace equipment so that all students and staff have devices that are in good condition.  Other damage may be covered by the device’s warranty, which has been purchased by Stone Ridge. Repair costs that are not covered by the device’s warranty are the responsibility of the student the device has been assigned to, and parents/guardians acknowledge that they will be billed according to the following Incident Fee schedule:

Incident Fees:
First incident - $45 (or cost of repair, whichever is less)
Second Incident - $80 (or cost of repair, whichever is less)
Third Incident (or more) - Cost of repair 

Incidents are tracked by devices, so new or replaced devices will reset this fee schedule.

Device Replacement Costs:
Macbook - $1,000
Dell - $700
Ipad - $600

Charger Replacement Costs:
For any device, the replacement cost of the charger will be billed (varies by device, typically $50-$80) or a student may substitute an appropriate replacement charger in consultation with the IT Office. 

Loss, Theft or Negligence:
In the event of loss, theft, or gross negligence, parents/guardians will be billed the cost of equipment repair or replacement. Gross negligence may involve leaving equipment unsecured, lending equipment to others, or using equipment in a way that could reasonably be expected to result in damage.