A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


Student Opportunities

STEM. Robotics. Internships.

Stone Ridge provides a variety of opportunities for girls to truly become dynamic technological leaders and innovators through rich internships, a robust STEM Certificate Program, and a robotics program with teams in both the Middle and Upper Schools.

Middle School Robotics
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Internships & Programs Outside SR

STEM Certificate Program

Stone Ridge students love exploring! Some students uncover a passion for scientific discovery and seek to engage in scientific research and internship opportunities beyond the classroom. The Stone Ridge STEM Certificate recognizes those students that have demonstrated further interest in the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and math) by having completed a variety of activities including an internship outside of Stone Ridge. With guidance and support from the program coordinator and science faculty, students find internship opportunities in the DC metro area, an area rich in technology and scientific endeavor. Back on campus, the students work with and lead student groups in local science and technology related competitions such as Science Bowl, Physics Olympics, Destination Imagination and Robotics. In addition, upperclassmen work with younger students as peer tutors. Students produce a portfolio of related experiences building science and technology knowledge and skills.

The purpose of the STEM Certificate Program is to support learning based on current best practices, especially with girls. The program aims to provide Stone Ridge students a healthy and balanced way to demonstrate their mastery of skills expected at the next level and allow girls to have more opportunities for the types of educational experiences that are believed most effective with girls--such as working with role models. Girls interested in science and technology need the opportunity to experience all types of innovation inside and outside the classroom and especially benefit from the experience of time in the laboratory or design space. For more information please contact Kathleen Flood. Program Requirements.

"Educators of girls know that this combination of competence and confidence allow girls to embrace a future in any field they choose." (Deak, J. (2010). How Girls Thrive. Green Blanket Press).


Middle School Robtics Team

In the fall of 2013, Stone Ridge started its first Middle School Robotics Team! Seven girls ranging from grade 5-8 participated named themselves the RoboGators entered and competed in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Challenge. 

The RoboGators attended a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) event on Saturday, December 7, where they competed against 12 teams. All season, the team had been working hard on their robot game (building, designing and programming) and their research project related to this year's theme: natural disasters. After a great deal of research, the girls created a final warning system for tsunamis. Their innovative solution addressed the need to evacuate humans from the shore before a tsunami hits. They knew from their research that in many cases, water recedes abnormally from the shore before the first tsunami wave. Their idea consisted of embedding a nitrogen sensor, a light and power source in the seabed where water levels normally don't recede. If the water levels do recede (due to an impending tsunami) the sensor senses a greater concentration of nitrogen as it is exposed to air which will then trigger the light to elevate and switch on. People on the shore are able to see this last warning and thus will evacuate the shoreline. They presented this solution in great detail to a panel of four judges. The RoboGators won the first place award for their "Innovative Research Project!" For more, visit blog posts and photos!


Upper School Robotics Team

In the winter of 2014, Stone Ridge started its first Upper School Robotics Team! The team is participating in an off season FIRST Tech Challenge. For more information, please contact Ms Urvi Shah at ushah@stoneridgeschool.org.