Stone Ridge STEM Certificate Program Components

Goal II in Action: SR STEAM Girls pursue a deeper understanding and receive hands-on experience in the STEAM field

  • Students will complete a minimum of 8 units from the Math and Science Departments, including three core science courses (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) plus at least two advanced placement/honors courses in a STEM/STEAM subject.  
  • Typically following the Third Academic year, students will participate in a summer internship or research experience in a STEAM field and will present a summary of their work at a conference or symposium.
  • The research project/internship (or combination of STEAM activities) will consists of at least 240 hours or a student can take the SR summer class "SR Girls and the Maker Movement: Design, Create and Prototype."
  • Students will generate and share an online portfolio documenting their accomplishments.
  • Students present the results from their internship/project to their peers and the Stone Ridge STEAM Community. Other presentation venues may include a Conference or Symposium such as:
    • #Lead Like a Girl (Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart)
    • High School Principals Association Academic Symposium (Archdiocese of Washington DC)

Goal IV in Action: SR STEAM Girls participate in activities both in and outside of School

  • In the Second and Third Academic years, students begin to attend STEM Certificate information and progress meetings and actively participate in science and robotics clubs and/or STEAM-themed SCGs on campus.
  • Students are invited to participate in other events sponsored by the SR Science Department, such as meetings with professional scientists and engineers, and field trips to area science labs and technology institutes. All students will attend the annual STEM Council Meeting, a unique mentoring and networking event of alumnae and parent STEM professionals.
  • Students will act as an ambassador for STEM/STEAM related programming at Stone Ridge and will build community by providing peer-tutoring as requested by faculty.
  • Students are encouraged to seek out STEM/STEAM opportunities in the Washington metro area. Examples include academic lectures or events at area universities, camps, short classes, conferences, etc.
  • Students are encouraged to compete at events such as Physics Olympics, Robotics, Chemathon and other outside competitions such as Science Intel Science Search, Siemens Competition, Google Science Fair, Spark It Challenge.

Eligible students that complete all program components will receive a certificate at graduation that recognizes completion of the Stone Ridge STEM Certificate Program.