A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


Student Life at Stone Ridge

Rooted in the charism and ethos of the Sacred Heart, the Student Life program at Stone Ridge works to form student leaders who carry out the mission. By helping them to find their own voices and purpose within an “atmosphere of wise freedom” and through the lens of bringing the heart of Christ to the world, our student leaders exemplify doing good for the collective whole.

Drawing inspiration from our Founding Mothers, student leaders understand and model the importance of joy, simplicity, humility, responsibility, and accountability. For, in the words of Janet Erskine Stuart,

“If we want integrity of character, steadiness, reliability, courage, thoroughness, all the harder qualities that serve as backbone, we, at least, make others want them by the power of example that is not set as deliberate good example, for that is as tame as precept; but the example of the life that is lived, and the truths that are honestly believed in.”

Learn more about our program and opportunities through the following student examples of the “life that is lived.“

Student Body President

Janie '18
"There I was sitting on the floor of Good Hall, a small and timid First Academic, eyes wide, looking at the Fourth Academics up at the podium leading the assembly in games and prayers every morning. I knew from my first day..."

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Honor Board

Grace ‘19
"Honor Board is an incredibly important part of the community at Stone Ridge. I have been on the Honor Board for the past two years, and I love being able to..."

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Tatiana ‘18
"Field Day and Blue/Gold team competitions are one of my favorite traditions at Stone Ridge. Ever since I was a Lower Schooler, I have wanted to..."

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Class Officers

Genevieve ‘18
"Ever since I was little, I needed to be in the know. I wanted to know what was happening, who was involved, and how I could help. Going into..."

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Advisory Program

Bella ‘18
"After a long first block Tuesday morning, nothing compares to walking into Mr. McCluskey’s office to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip muffins and knowing that the next 25 minutes will be filled with jokes, stories from..."

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Student Diversity Board

Lenora ‘18
"Throughout my childhood, my parents had always made an effort to surround me with individuals from all kinds of backgrounds. After growing up in a prejudiced majority white suburb of California..."

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Social Action Student Advisory Board

Ellie '18
"Through my years at Stone Ridge, I have fostered a love for serving others. As a middle schooler, I heard stories from upperclassman about their experiences at Social Action and was..."

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Diversity Cultural Groups

Kayla ‘18
"Coming into the Upper School, I had a lot of questions about my identity as a young black woman. The leaders of Black Student Alliance at the time helped me to..."

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Exchange Program

Ele ‘19
"I initially went on exchange because I wanted to have an adventure. I expected the exchange program to show me the world, but anticipated that my 5 weeks in France would simply be a glorified vacation from school and French class. Nothing could have prepared me for what exchange actually was...”

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Campus Ministry Board

Joyce ‘18
“I decided to work with the Campus Ministry Board because I think it has the potential to challenge people to change their perception of faith, which is what it did for me. Every third Saturday of the month...”

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School Community Governance

Beyer ‘19
“When I first looked at Stone Ridge, I remember being drawn to the SCG program because it gave me a leadership opportunity that also involved my love of service. The program is...”

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STEM Program

Annie ‘18
"Everywhere we look, science surrounds us. At school, science is in the engineering of our Master Plan, at home science is in the ingredients that make up our coffee and lunch, and in our bodies science is in the cells that form students themselves. The complexity of science is what..."

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Core Group

Catherine ‘18
"After taking part in a decade of fun activities and events at Stone Ridge, I knew that I definitely wanted to actively participate in the planning. I lived for days like Congé, Bonfire, and other school traditions. As soon as I got to Upper School, I wanted to be on..."

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Join in!

Students Groups

Allergy Club
Amnesty International
Best Buddies
Baking Club
Callithump (Literary / Arts Magazine)
Clay Club
Debate Team
Feminism Club
Film Club
French Club
Garden Club
Gators Build (Engineering Club)
Gators for Life
Habitat for Humanity
Heartfelt (Student Acapella Group)
Improv Club
It's Academic
Journalism Club
Latin Club
Model Organization of American States
Model UN
Operation Smile
Physics / Chemistry Club
Space Club
SR Rugby
Young Democrats
Young Republicans

School Community Governance Groups

CARE (Cancer Awareness)
Catholic Academies
Endangered Species Conservation
Food for Thought
Gators Go Green
Gators Halt Hunger
Gator Spirit
Gators, Troops, Love
Good Samaritan
Hope for the Holidays
Re-member Pine Ridge
R.O.A.R. (Respect of Animal Rights)
True Colors
TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms)
Wipeout Diabetes

Diversity Cultural Groups

Asian Appreciasian
Black Student Alliance
Multiracial Student Alliance