Virtual Learning


Preschool was prompted to draw a picture of their favorite food and send to their teachers.

Mrs. Sheldon and her daughter working from home doing their school work.

Students were asked to show their teachers the signs of spring.

This is what school at home looks like.

Art class virtual lesson

Art Lesson


Art class drawings

Art drawings


View a virtual lesson

Virtual Lesson


Virtual chorus

The Upper School Chorus record a performance virtually. This required some logistical planning, but they all rose to the challenge superbly. With a click track playing through headphones or earbuds (to make sure the tempo was consistent) each singer recorded their individual parts as a voice memo on their phone. They then sent Mr. Weston the individual recordings and he combined them resulting in this terrific performance. They also sent selfies of themselves in their various learning environments.


How are teachers are teaching from home.