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Our community understands changing space.
Almost 100 years ago, the Religious of the Sacred Heart opened a Sacred Heart school in Washington, DC, at 1719 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, to carry on St. Madeleine Sophie's vision. In 1947, the school outgrew its city campus and moved to the current location, at Stone Ridge. And still today, we are transforming the campus' grounds and roads and building a new space. Sophie's commitment to discovering and making God’s love visible in the heart of the world through the service of education is alive more than ever, even in today's virtual campus. Stone Ridge's mission transcends location, empowering leaders of faith, intellect, and confidence, be it from downtown DC, the grounds of Hamilton House in Bethesda, MD, or in the comforts of your own home. Our Sacred Heart education is timely and timeless.

"In these uncertain times, Stone Ridge has been our constant. The online learning has been seamless. While it has been a different way to learn, our daughter still feels challenged and encouraged. As my husband and I get used to working remotely, it has been so comforting to not have to worry about our daughter’s education.  She is resilient and thriving because Stone Ridge has adapted and marched on with teaching her in this new normal. This peace of mind is priceless."
– Traci (Middle School parent)

"We are awed by the way the Stone Ridge community has come together on so many levels in this time of crisis. Teachers and staff have made the transition to a virtual learning environment seamless for all three of my girls. Parents have been supporting each other, providing sanity checks and much-needed moments of laughter. And the girls have found high-tech ways to keep their relationships with friends strong. We are blessed to be part of this community!"
– Melissa (Middle and Lower School parent)

At Stone Ridge, we are committed to girls education through virtual teaching and learning. All students partake in their classes through both synchronous and asynchronous lessons, complete assignments which are submitted virtually, and conference with their teachers through a variety of tools. In synchronous classes, students meet their teacher live on Google Meet. In asynchronous classes, students are provided with a pre-recorded video made by the teacher to impart the lesson. In both modes, students are assigned various assignments, projects, readings, etc. which are then submitted to the teacher for feedback. We provide students with many opportunities to connect with their teachers and counsellors for their emotional and social growth as well as host a wide array of community gatherings to keep our vibrant community supported and connected.

Stone Ridge Virtual Learning
Technology Guide for Parents and Students


How our students are learning from home:

First Grade STEAM

The assignment was: 
Paper columns: Tightly roll a sheet of paper to make one column. Tape it closed, on top and at the bottom. Make 3 more identical columns. 

Put one book on top of the 4 columns (like a roof), finding just the right place to balance the book. Then add more books, one at a time… until the columns collapse. 

How many books could your columns hold?

Preschool was prompted to draw a picture of their favorite food and send to their teachers. The teachers than responded to each student.

Kindergarten - persuasive writing

Kindergarten worked on their persuasive writing. Mrs. Ott asked her students to write a piece they felt would help to make their community a better place.

Kindergarten - persuasive writing

The Kindergarten students were asked to do a persuasive writing. Saritah wrote a story called "Clean Up." She even added a song.

Lower School Assembly

The Lower School students gather for their morning assembly.

Theo is working on his letters with Mrs. Gillick.

Mrs. Sheldon and her daughter working from home doing their school work.

Students were asked to show their teachers the signs of spring.

This is what school at home looks like.

Queen Nefertari tomb

Grade 5 students toured a 3-D rendition of Queen Nefertari’s tomb at the National Geographic Musuem’s Queens of Egypt Exhibition. The students researched and designed objects to refill Nefertari’s tomb with everything she needs in the afterlife. See more student work.

Invasive Species Research Links
Grade 8 doing the charleston

The Grade 8 students were learning about the Roaring Twenties in Social Studies. They were offered students extra credit for learning to dance the Charleston. 

Roxy at her home desk

Roxy is working on her Middle School classes from her kitchen.

This is what school at home looks like.

Lucy - violin class

Lucy had orchestra class with Mrs. Cunha. Keep the violin going.

Honors Multivariable Calculus

Mr. Ishikawa teaches his Honors Multivariable Calculus using Screen-o-Matic.


Jasmine ' 27 is following along with Mrs. Lipka’s math lesson with her cat Rue.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from his home office.

Social Distancing
Virtual Learning at SR



How our teachers are teaching from home:

Virtual Lesson


A virtual art class lesson and student work:

Art Lesson


Some Middle And Upper School students perform Seize the Day


Some of the Upper School Chorus The Lord Bless You and Keep You


#CloseApart #WeareSacredHeart

As a Sacred Heart school, our genuine relationship of mutual interaction is at the core of our education. We are not able to physically be together, but we are still connected in a relationship and in our mission of love. Drawing on that love of Christ and love of others, we become more courageous and confident. Love is our Mission.
Let us spread this love of our Sacred Heart family virtually by placing the badge in your email signature or as your photo icon in your email or social media OR physically by dropping a happy note in the mailboxes of that we may all grow together, close apart, holding virtual hands.



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Meet the Stone Ridge EdTech and Innovation Team!

Julia Ewart
Julia Ewart
Interim Director of Educational Technology & Innovation and Lower School Educational Technologist
Rick Alfonso
Rick Alfonso
Middle School Educational Technologist
Stan Johnson
Stanley Johnson
Upper School Educational Technologist