Apply to Stone Ridge

Middle School Admissions Process

Step 1 • Learn more about Stone Ridge

Let us know of your interest in Stone Ridge by completing our Inquiry Form. Doing so will ensure that you receive updates regarding Stone Ridge, upcoming events, and our application process.

Step 2 • Visit Us/Attend an Event

The best way to get to know us is by visiting us. We encourage you to come to our beautiful 35 acre campus to learn more about our Sacred Heart mission and the power of an all-girls education. 

We encourage you to register for an Open House or join us at one of our various small group gatherings through your Ravenna account. 

All families need to schedule a campus tour. After the tour, the student will have a brief conversation with one of our admissions associates. All Middle School applicants are also required to schedule a Discovery Day where they will spend half a day attending classes and visiting Stone Ridge.

To schedule your individual tour and Discovery Day, please contact Isabel Gonzalez, the Associate Director of Admissions for the Middle School, or find an available date through your Ravenna account.

Step 3 • Submit an Application

A complete Middle School application will include transcripts, two teacher recommendations, a Stone Ridge assessment, a student questionnaire and a student visit. Our application deadline is Friday, January 19, 2024.

Step 4 • Take the Stone Ridge Assessment

Once an application has been submitted, prospective students will be able to register to take the Stone Ridge Assessment. The assessment is held on campus and is primarily an exercise in reading comprehension, verbal reasoning, and writing skills. While the assessment is not timed, our expectation is that it will take approximately 1 hour. Register through your Ravenna account

Step 5 • Apply for Tuition Assistance

If you wish to be considered for financial aid, applications are due on January 15, 2024. Application materials are generally available on or around November 1, 2023.

Step 6 • Admissions Decisions

A decision will be posted in Ravenna on Friday, March 1, 2024 after 4:00 pm. 

Need Assistance?

Our Admissions Team is here to help you through the application process. We are always happy to help.