A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


International Students at Stone Ridge

Sacred Heart - Unique International CharacterExchange Students

The unique international character of a Sacred Heart education continues to flourish, manifested in the rich cultural, racial, and religious diversity of our student body.

Stone Ridge has welcomed students from around the globe, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Nigeria, and Venezuela. Our close proximity to Washington, DC, attracts many international families who have come to the U.S. to serve in postings at international financial institutions (IMF and World Bank, among others), embassies, and the military.

The International Network of Sacred Heart Schools


As students of the Sacred Heart, our girls benefit from Stone Ridge’s membership in the worldwide Network of Sacred Heart Schools, comprising 24 sister schools in the United States and Canada and 147 schools in 30 countries throughout the world. We share many of the same Sacred Heart traditions with our sister schools, including congé (holiday) and goutêr (snack), both of which reflect our common French heritage.

Our expansive international network allows students to participate in Exchange Programs throughout the world. Our Upper School students can participate in exchanges with Sacred Heart schools in Bogotá (Colombia), Dublin (Ireland), Sydney and Brisbane (Australia), Madrid (Spain), Nantes (France) and Vienna (Austria). Likewise, we will welcome students to our campus from these sister schools.

Our international and national network membership and robust array of international programs create an ideal environment for our diverse community to thrive.

Testimonial from the Jiménez Family (Madrid, Spain)

Our expectations for the school were very high, from the reports we received. Given the big differences in culture and the education system, we were conscious that it was not going to be easy. However, everything was above what we expected. Paula ’15 worked hard and delighted with the school, the teachers, her classmates, the school philosophy, objectives, and the whole organization. At Stone Ridge she had valuable experience.

Fernando Jiménez Latorre (daughter graduated in 2015)

Testimonial from the Hurtado Family (Madrid, Spain)

We're a Spanish family from Madrid. When we moved to DC, our most important concern was the school, because we wanted a Catholic girls school. We discovered Stone Ridge through its website, and we asked some friends and international organizations about it. They told us Stone Ridge is a very good school. But we really didn't know if our feeling was right. Now we're completely sure.

Stone Ridge took special care of us since the first moment we met, seems that if you know them for a long time. They are an amazing organization and we don't have to worry about anything. They resolve all the problems in a short period of time, with emails and calls.

The place is beautiful, full of green gardens, sports all over the campus, a huge swimming pool, a park for playing, and the illuminated school classroom is conducive to learning. You also recognize the well organization because they deliver a lot information before enrollment in the school, as well as once school has started. We met several times with the administration and the teachers.

The treatment to parents is really very kind and close especially from teachers. They show you all the key information that they are teaching to the children. For us a special day was the first birthday of our daughter at Stone Ridge. We had to go to our daughter's classroom and explained to 20 "little and marvelous monsters" about our country and our traditions. As every one can imagine, it was impossible to go out of the classroom without playing with them.

Our daughter is really very happy, her learning skills have widened. They treat her with special care and that is the reason she is always in a good mood.

Prayer for her is extremely personal; she loves her teachers, school food, to make new experiments every week, arts, and all her new classmates.

We give thanks to the staff and to her teachers for the treatment we received since we moved.


Hurtado Family (daughter in Grade 1)

Testimonial from the Tanimoto Family (Tokyo, Japan)

Emi is very much enjoying being a Stone Ridge girl!  It is quite amazing how much the faculty and staff care about every child and their growth, not only academically but also as a person.  

Even before the beginning of the school, we were well cared for. The school assigned a ‘buddy family’ who arranged a play date with Emi and girls in her grade during the summer holiday so that she would see some familiar faces when she started school. As a parent, it was always reassuring that the ‘buddy family’ was there to answer our questions regarding the life at Stone Ridge.  And I think this, along with other get-togethers organized by the school and welcoming letters from the Head of School played an important role in preparing for the first day of school without unnecessary worries.

The first day of school coincided with Emi’s 10th birthday. Emi was thrilled to start her new school but nevertheless a little tense in stepping out to a whole new school life. When the Head of Lower School opened the door of our car, he immediately asked Emi, “Emi, is it your birthday?” with a big smile. This at once made her smile and I can sense her relax. She felt very welcomed from the very first day. I eventually found out other members of the community know each student by their full name.

My husband and I were also impressed with how the school allowed a few weeks to enable both new and existing girls to get into the school routine. During these weeks, Emi learned the daily and weekly routine at Stone Ridge (goûter, lunch, Primes etc.), how she should behave in class and other gatherings, what she needs to do when she has a problem, and what is expected of her. I remember Mrs. Keegan telling us that "it is only when the girls feel secure and relaxed in the new environment that they are able to learn new things." Looking at how smoothly Emi adjusted to the school I cannot agree more. The school does not command the girls what to do, but rather, respects them and takes ample time for the girls (especially the new girls) to understand the Stone Ridge life in a very caring manner.  

Emi moved to U.S. two years ago from Japan and at the time did not even know the alphabet. While she strived hard and graduated from ESOL at a public school, we believed that she might need extra help at Stone Ridge as they study materials that are for fifth grade. Recognizing our concern, the school kindly assigned an ESOL teacher with whom Emi studies an hour every week.   

The coordination among the teachers is excellent. For example, although Emi enjoyed studying with her ESOL teacher, sometimes she had to miss some part of the next class. Since Emi loved playing soccer in P.E. she was a little unhappy that she had to miss part of it. Then, Emi came home smiling saying that “I didn’t miss PE today! The PE teacher seemed to know that I love playing soccer and told Ms. Keegan about it. And I think Ms. Keegan told my ESOL teacher and they arranged the ESOL class so that I don’t have to miss my P.E.!” I was truly grateful and was very much amazed at the efforts the teachers make in understanding Emi and making her school life as fruitful and enjoyable as possible as a team.

In her homeroom, students are required to read at least three books a month from a certain genre that their teacher assigns. Emi was not an avid reader until then, but seeing her classmates devour books, she began to read. At first she was reading to fulfill her assignment, but in the process, she realized the joy of reading. Now she is reading whenever she has a spare time!

Getting the Primes medal (for hard work in math) has increased Emi’s confidence at a time when she felt she could not do as well as other girls in English. Through Primes, Emi seems to understand that each girl is gifted in their own unique way, which is appreciated by the school.  

We sincerely feel that “the teachers are doing whatever it takes to make the learning come alive and each student is guided to develop in wonderful, unique ways.” 

Tanimoto Gamily (daughter in Grade 5)

International Applicants

Exchange Student from RomeWe ask that international families interested in learning more about Stone Ridge contact the Admissions Office by email or phone 301.657.4322 ext. 321.

Stone Ridge is a day school, and our program is geared to students moving to the DC area with a parent (we are not a boarding school). Our accelerated academic program also requires fluency in the English language.

Stone Ridge encourages every candidate for admission to visit our campus and participate in a tour, interview and, if possible a classroom visit. If a candidate is unable to visit in person, then the Admissions team will schedule a Skype or telephone interview.