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Stone Ridge Online Alumnae Community

Alumnae App


New: Stone Ridge Online Alumnae Community App!

The Online Alumnae Community App for iPhone, iPad and Android is free and password-protected.  You can access the power of SR’s 3,000+ alumnae network in the palm of your hand.
The Stone Ridge App is exclusively for alumnae and can be accessed using your LinkedIn login information or with your email address. The App is available for free on the iPhone App Store and Google Play. To quickly locate the app, search for “Stone Ridge Alumnae.”
You can search by name, class year, profession, company, college, location and more. Traveling to DC? Looking for a new job? Moving to NYC? Use the App to map Gators in the area. You can refine your search by industry, graduation years, college, or any combination of information.

If you prefer a desktop version instead of a smartphone app, visit the Stone Ridge Online Community website. Your login information will work for both platforms.

Questions?  Please contact Michael Anne Cullen.

Please note that we are working on finalizing a few changes within the Stone Ridge Online Alumnae Community App.  One of the tabs when you first open the App says “Alumni Nearby” rather than “Alumnae Nearby”.  We are aware of the error and are waiting for the change to be made by the engineers.  It is important for us to have the App available during the holiday season, so we chose to move forward while working on this change.

Alumnae App


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Who can use Stone Ridge's Alumnae app?

Any Stone Ridge alumna may use the app! Your information is protected, and only SR alumnae have access. However, you won’t be able to gain access to it if our email doesn’t match the one that Stone Ridge has on file. If that happens, please email Michael Anne Cullen.

How do I log in?

You can sign up with your email address or log in with your LinkedIn account.  If your email address matches the one that Stone Ridge has on file or you log in using your LinkedIn account, then you will have immediate access to the app. If your email address is different from the one we have on file, please send your updated email address to Michael Anne Cullen.

What personal information is being shared?

Your name, class year, email, phone, address and employment history is being shared. The Alumnae App overlays with LinkedIn so the employment information that is on your LinkedIn profile can be seen in the App and appears with the LinkedIn symbol next to it.

How do I search for people using the directory?

To perform a search in the directory, click the magnifying glass located in the top right corner of the directory screen. You can search by name and/or filter by several other fields such as class year and location.

Can I search for a list of my classmates?

Yes, from the homescreen, simply tap the “Classmates” button.

How do I search for people nearby?

Click on the Alumnae Nearby tab in the sidebar navigation. A map will appear and a search icon. You can enter a zip code, city or state to filter the map. Your filtered map will appear with pushpins indicating people in your area. Clicking on one of these pushpins will open that alumna’s listing in the directory. To view that alumna’s full profile, click the round information button to the right of their name. You may also click the List icon in the bottom right corner of the map to view a list of people nearby.

Are you traveling or looking to meet up with SR alumnae in other cities? You may search for users across the globe by entering any zip code, city, state or country in the search bar at the top of the screen. The map feature will navigate to that location and show you constituents listed in that part of the world.

To search for an alumna by name in the map feature, click on the magnifying glass/search icon at the top right of the map. You can also use the magnifying glass for more advanced search and filter options.

Can I update my profile information directly in the mobile app?

Yes, from the app’s homepage, tap your name. Then tap “Update this profile” at the bottom of your profile, note any changes that need to be made and click submit. Your request will go to the Stone Ridge Alumni Office, and they will make the update within a week.

What is the "Professionals to Know" button?

If connected to LinkedIn, the Stone Ridge Online Alumnae Community App will use your self-identified LinkedIn Industry to pull a list of other alums in that same industry. This is a great way to network within your chosen field.

How do I customize my privacy settings or update my contact information?

Unless otherwise indicated, your primary contact information will be visible in the app. If you wish to customize your settings so that particular information will not be visible to other constituents, go to your profile and click the “Suggest an Update” button located at the bottom of your screen. You will then be given a free text box to submit any updates and/or privacy requests you wish to make. Please note that it may take up to week for changes to appear.

Can I remove my profile from the app?

If you would like to keep your record/profile hidden to other users, use the "Hide My Information" toggle under Settings (the gear icon in the top right of the menu screen) after logging into the app. Alternatively, you can contact us via the "Suggest an Update" button at the bottom of your profile (in the app) to assist you with this suppression. Please note that you choose to hide your profile, you will not have access to search other alumnae through the app.