Opportunities in the arts allow students to explore emotion, build relationships, serve others, and worship while practicing and developing skills in focus, patience, listening, communication, and the ability to recognize beauty through the eyes, ears and in movement. These experiences open our minds, hearts, and play a role in who we become.

- Elizabeth Cunha, All-School Performing Arts Department Chair


The Pre-K through Grade 12 arts curriculum promotes and provides a diverse range of opportunities for students to develop their unique gifts. Through a sequential program, we gradually empower our students to develop technical and conceptual skills for critical thinking, risk-taking, and decision-making, while simultaneously enhancing their self-esteem, self-motivation, and creativity. 

Our focus is twofold: the quality of the student’s experience and the quality of the work. One balances the other. Our ultimate goal is to make the arts an enriching and fulfilling experience for every student while generating an ongoing appetite and appreciation for the arts. Our hope is that our students will have meaningful experiences that will affect them deeply and instill an appreciation for beauty in the world.

In accordance with the vision of St. Madeleine Sophie and in the spirit of Sacred Heart education, the arts department believes:

  • in integrating the visual and performing arts as vehicles of creative expression for body, mind, soul, and community;
  • it is our sacred responsibility to inspire, nurture, and encourage students to awaken within themselves their God-given gifts; and,
  • that having fun is part of the creative process.

Stone Ridge offers many wonderful opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing the arts. Through a well rounded arts program we guide students to a deeper understanding of themselves, cultures, community, and history.