Performing Arts

Lower School

Orff Schulwerk is at the core of our comprehensive general music program in the Lower School. Active listening, movement, singing and playing instruments are various ways students engage with music. Discovery, exploration and improvisation are at the heart of what we do, encouraging and guiding students to develop an appreciation for beauty awareness of culture, and understanding of music as a vehicle for self-expression and an essential element of community.

children singing with hands raised in music class


2 MS students playing their cello


Middle School

Our Middle School offers Concert Band, String Orchestra and Choral ensembles, Drama, and Dance as part of the curricular programming. Additional extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year include two dramatic productions and lessons through the Adjunct Music Program. With the consistent presence of artistry, creativity, sensitivity, teamwork, and responsibility through their arts education, the girls not only develop skill but build noble character traits. Participation in an ensemble or a drama production results in so many intangible benefits.

Upper School

Our Upper School offers many options for our girls to explore and experience they performing arts. They may choose to participate in a Dance, Step Team, Drama, Handbells, Choral, Band, Strings, or A Cappella, in addition to music ministry. With our new Cokie Boggs Roberts '60 Theater, we are offering classes in Technical Theater, where students learn to run the tech booth and work in the scene and costume shops. The performing arts allow for countless opportunities to celebrate creativity. Many of our girls try something for the first time and discover a new passion.



student working with teacher in tech class


student creating a bowl in ceramics


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