There are few activities more uplifting than singing as part of a united chorus making a glorious choral sound. My job is to take students beyond a merely passive relationship with music and give them a safe outlet to express themselves fully through singing, an activity that uses the entire being: mind, body, and spirit.- Neil Weston, Cross Divisional Chorus Teacher 

Upper School Chorus

The purpose of the Upper School Chorus curriculum is to provide all students with a well-rounded experience in the choral arts. The primary activity is direct participation in choral music, through which students will learn a diverse set of musical skills, including music reading, vocal production, performance practice, and the experience of singing in a variety of different languages. There are a number of different performances throughout the year at which the Chorus performs. These permit the performance of repertoire from many different cultures and traditions, and performances include ample solo opportunities for students who wish to take advantage of these.

Upper School chorus


Middle School choir during Feast Wishes


Middle School Chorus

Stone Ridge Middle School is a place for all kinds of musicians! The objective of the ensemble program is to provide well-rounded experiences on technique, musicality, understanding of the instrument/voice, developing an appreciation for the art form in its various capacities by learning music from a variety of genres and historical periods. Empowering students to be creative, aware and self-sufficient artists with grounding in solid technique is our primary goal.

Liturgical Music
Students who are further along in their studies are invited to participate in the music during liturgy. Winds, Brass, Percussion, Strings and Voices of all ages are always welcome to contribute to our mass celebrations through music. 

Music Ministry

Upper School Music Ministry is a part of the Campus Ministry Team. It offers students the opportunity to plan and participate in liturgies, masses, prayer services and other special events. Students of any voice, instrument or skill level are welcome.

liturgical choir





Heartfelt is an audition Upper School Stone Ridge a cappella group. The group was formed for anyone who wished to have a 'collegiate a cappella group’ experience while in high school. Auditions, rehearsals and music selection are all student led. The group performs at various community events throughout the year.

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