Visual Arts

Our visual arts program develops our students’ talents and abilities at all levels. While they learn the fundamentals of art, explore the principles of design, and study art history, our visual artists learn to express themselves creatively.

young student focused on creating art


Lower School

The Lower School art curriculum fosters curiosity about materials and process while providing a strong foundation in visual art. Students are encouraged to develop their own artistic voice using a variety of materials such as oil pastels, paint, clay, and fibers, providing a creative outlet that is both joyful and challenging. Many studio lessons share the art of cultures from around the world.

Middle School

The Middle School Art program encourages students to create imaginative visual expressions, develop an artistic voice, and take creative risks. Students learn technical and problem solving skills while exploring a wide array of media. Many projects are art history based, which allows students to recognize important pieces, styles, and artists. At times, class projects are cross-curricular with other disciplines to help enforce important concepts. The art program helps students to establish a lifelong appreciation of the arts by exposing students to a variety of media, as well as cultural and historical styles of art.

art teacher listening to art student as she paints


teachers outside with two students at table making art


Upper School

Upper School visual arts students cultivate an appreciation of the arts through classes that include drawing, painting, and mixed media; 2-D design including traditional black and white photography, digital photography, computer graphics; and 3-D design exploration of sculpture through the mediums of clay.

View more of our visual artists creative works.

Willa Eney