A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.


Collegiate Athletes

Stone Ridge is proud of the many student-athletes who have played collegiate athletics. These Gators have taken their skill, talents, and winning desire to the next level.

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Class of 2018

Tatiana Ortega '18 Northeastern University, Soccer
Casey McTague '18 Denison University, Lacrosse
Maggie Bellaschi '18 Stanford University, Lacrosse
Mollie Carr '18 University of Notre Dame, Lacrosse
Carter Leahy '18 Colgate University, Field Hockey
Cameron Morra '18 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tennis
Ana Clara Borga '18 Christopher Newport University, Tennis
Genevieve DiBari '18 Pomona College, Cross Country/Track & Field
Ali DiZinno '18, Florida Tech, Golf

Class of 2017

Megan Fennell '17 Lehigh University, Diving

Class of 2016

Madison Carr '16 University of Notre Dame, Lacrosse
Kelleigh Haley '16, Georgetown University, Swimming
Arisa Kimura '16, New York University, Golf

Class of 2015

Lauren Jan '15 Stevenson University, Volleyball
Katie Ledecky ’15, Stanford University, Swimming
Isabella Richardson ’15, Washington College, Lacrosse
Elizabeth Shrout, ’15, Columbia University, Field Hockey
Claire Thomas 15' Duke University, Club Soccer
Joanne Unite ’15, St. Mary’s College, Basketball

Class of 2014

Laura Garcia '14, Villanova University, Swimming
Mia Gancayco '14, Williams College, Tennis
Allie Rock '14, Catholic University
Bella Vagnoni '14, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Basketball
Joslynn Watkins '14, Gettysburg College, Basketball
Raina Williams '14, Swarthmore College, Basketball

Class of 2013

Ana Bangoechea

Ana Bangoechea '13, John's Hopkins University, Soccer
Bridgid Carey '13, Holy Cross, Rowing
Sofia DiBari '13, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Soccer
Taylor Haist '13, Bowdoin College, Soccer
Emily Hallewell '13, Vasser College, Tennis
Natalie Kronfli '13, Carnegie Mellon University, Swimming
Mackenzie Taskey '13, Trinity College, Field Hockey

Class of 2012
Camille Knable '12, University of Virginia, Club Lacrosse
Ellen Gosnell '12, Tulane University, Club Lacrosse
Alex Zimmerman '12, St. Joe's University, Club Basketball
Jennifer Farrell '12, Rollins College, Basketball
Catherine Granville '12, Dartmouth College, Soccer
Suhasini Ghosh '12, Amherst College, Tennis
Taylor Jerome '12, Williams College, Soccer

Class of 2011
Lindy Firstenberg '11, Georgetown University, Lacrosse
Courtney Grafmeyer '11, Wofford College, Soccer
Kelly Haglund '11, Dickinson College, Lacrosse
Tish Hopewell '11, Northeastern University, Basketball
Kelly Mulquin '11, St. Joe's University, Tennis
Meghan O'Brien '11, Brown University, Lacrosse
Diana Pressel '11, Georgia Tech, Cross Country/Track and Field
Matti Vagnoni '11, St. Mary's College of Maryland, Basketball

Class of 2010
Caitlin Baschuk '10, Fairfield University, Lacrosse
Elizabeth Gerber, '10 Trinity College, Tennis
Susannah Spruill '10, Denison University, Volleyball

Class of 2009
Brooke BlueBrooke Blue '09, Boston College, Lacrosse
Kim Goh '09, Harvard University, Field Hockey
Katie Shea '09, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Field Hockey
Charis Whitnah '09, Colorado College, Cross Country/Track and Field
Maggie Abernethy '09, Skidmore College, Soccer

Class of 2008
Liza Beckler '08, Trinity College (CT), Lacrosse
Elissa Goeke '08, Middlebury College, Volleyball and Basketball
Erin Schwartz '08, Washington and Lee University, Swimming
Lorne McManigle '08, Emory University, Tennis

Class of 2007
Casey Gemunder '07, Davidson College, Swimming
Kaitlin Keena '07, University of Notre Dame, Lacrosse
Emma Lynch '07, Trinity College (CT), Lacrosse
Margaret Rodgers '07, Kenyon College, Softball
Agnes Sibilski '07, Harvard University, Tennis
Aimee O'Rourke '07, University of California at Berkeley, Diving

Class of 2006
Marjie Billings '06, Middlebury College, Ice Hockey
Emma Denvir '06, Georgetown University, Swimming
Kaitlin Duff '06, University of Virginia, Lacrosse
Alex Warren '06, Lehigh University, Soccer

Class of 2005
Jamie Mize '05, Brown University, Soccer
Mara Osher '05, Boston University, Soccer
Keara Mehlert '05, George Washington University, Soccer
Alison Bullock '05, Northwestern University, Field Hockey
Maddie Kearns '05, Colgate University, Lacrosse
Megan Zepp '05, Johns Hopkins University, Swimming
Chelsea Cramp '05, Virginia Tech, Tennis

Class of 2004
Lindsay Rogers '04, University of Connecticut, Swimming
Caroline O'Sullivan '04, West Point, Swimming

Class of 2003
Jennifer Tapscott '03, Vanderbilt University, Lacrosse
Ashley Chappell '03, Fairfield University, Lacrosse
Renee Clinton '03, Bucknell University, Tennis
Gabby Geier '03, Trinity College, Lacrosse
Devin Carey '03, Emory University, Swimming
Meaghan Carrigan '03, Hamilton College, Field Hockey & Lacrosse

Class of 2002
Emily Burman '02, Bucknell University, Lacrosse
Brittany Baschuk '02, Georgetown University, Lacrosse
Kerry Fitz-Patrick '02, Bucknell University, Soccer

Class of 2001
Jessica Brosch '01, University of North Carolina, Swimming
Christina Besozzi '01, Georgetown University, Basketball

Class of 2000
Katie Piringer '00, Washington College, Basketball
Ashley Green '00, University of Delaware, Softball 

Class of 1999
Christene Banda '99, Lehigh University, Soccer

Class of 1998
Mary Kurry '98, Lehigh University, Lacrosse

Class of 1997
Julia Richardson '97, University of Virginia, Field Hockey

Class of 1995
Amity Wall Curry '95, Middlebury, Soccer and Lacrosse
Stephanie Fox Heffernan '95, Notre Dame, Lacrosse
Amy Duran Heinzelman '95, University of Connecticut, Basketball
Cynthia Kratz '95, Mount St. Mary's College, Basketball
Margaret Cholis Paton '95, Notre Dame, Lacrosse

Class of 1994
Lisa Wells Paulsen '94, St. Louis University, Field Hockey;

Class of 1990
Mary Ellen Ruff '90, St. Louis University, Swimming

Class of 1988
Linda McCabe-Pietrucha, Boston University, Crew

Class of 1983
Mary Norberg O'Connor, University of Michigan, Swimming

Class of 1970
Ellen Dugan '70, University of Maryland, Field Hockey

Class of 1964
Patricia Wimsatt Myler '64, Marymount College, Field Hockey, Basketball, and Tennis