A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.


Contact Athletics

Athletic Department Administration

Main SR phone number: 301.657.4322

  • Direct Voicemail: Athletics/PE Welcome Message, ext. 2000
  • Physical Phone: Athletics Staff Office, ext 2001
  • Physical Phone: LS Physical Education Office, ext. 2002
  • Physical Phone: Athletic Training Room , ext. 2003
  • Jason McGhee, Director of Athletics, jmcghee@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 2004
  • Kati Jo Spisak, Associate Athletics Director, MS PE Teacher, kspisak@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 2006
  • Kristen Coleman McDaniel, Assistant Athletics Director, kmcdaniel@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 2007
  • Andrew Maguire, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training, amaguire@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 2009
  • Phillip Lipka, Facilities and Special Events Manager, ext. 2008
  • Bob Walker, Director of Aquatics, rwalker@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 3001
  • Monica Barry, Assistant Director of Aquatics, mbarry@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 1387
  • Sarah Kiernan, LS PE Teacher, skiernan@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 2012
  • Kelly Donaghue, LS PE Teacher, kdonaghue@stoneridgeschool.org, ext. 2011

Athletics Webpage: www.stoneridgeschool.org/athletics

  • The athletics website is the primary source for news and information about SR Athletics. You can find team schedules, coach bio's, news stories, and much more. The web page is updated regularly with any changes to game schedules. Parents or students can be updated regarding any inclement weather changes by signing up to receive team alerts or by following the SR athletics twitter handle.
  • Social Media:
    • Twitter: All parents and students are strongly encouraged to follow the main athletics twitter handle @SR_Athletics . If you do not follow twitter you can still view updates from SR athletics by viewing the "tweets" column on the main athletics web page. This is a main source for inclement weather updates. All users should tag SR related tweets with #goSRgators #GatorStrong
    • Instagram: All parents and students are strongly encouraged to follow the main athletics instagram handle @stoneridgeathletics .
  • Gator News: Following every SR athletic team competition a news story will be released that includes the score, a game highlight,and a Gator(s) of the game. You can follow all team news by landing on the main athletics web page or by signing up to receive team specific alerts. There are also regular "human interest" stories of successes and accomplishments by our students and athletic alumnae.
  • Schedule/Results (SR Athletics Calendar): The main athletics site displays the forthcoming events.
    • Team Alerts: All parents and students are strongly encouraged to sign up for their daughters team alerts. Parents should be aware that they will receive instant alerts anytime there are changes to the specific team schedule, or any news alerts regarding the team. To sign up please go to the specific team page and click on the alerts link.

The "Gator" Newsletter

  • The athletic department periodically sends out a newsletter that highlights student-athletes, coaches, physical education and the department. The purpose of the newsletter is to promote the department but it's main purpose is to showcase our students. In addition to highlighting student-athletes, the newsletter includes a blog post from the athletic director.

Head Coaches (For coaches profile & biography please see team pages)

Cross Country
Varsity: Peter Rook prook@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School: Chelsea Bollerman cbollerman@stoneridgeschool.org or Giovanna Basney gbasney@stoneridgeschool.org

Field Hockey
Varsity: Gloria Nantula gnantulya@stoneridgeschool.org
JV: Heather Kenney hkenney@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School Blue or Gold: Kristen Coleman McDaniel kmcdaniel@stoneridgeschool.org or Phil Lipka plipka@stoneridgeschool.org

Varsity: Kati Jo Spisak kspisak@stoneridgeschool.org
JV: Morgan Dorset mdorset@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School Blue, Gold, Green or MS 5: Kati Jo Spisak kspisak@stoneridgeschool.org

Tennis (Fall & Spring)
Varsity & JV: Co-Head Coaches Larry Zebrak lzebrak@stoneridgeschool.org & Bob Finney rftennis4u2@yahoo.com
Middle School Blue or Gold: Co-Head Coaches Robert Millwater mstennis@stoneridgeschool.org or Larry Zebrak lzebrak@stoneridgeschool.org

Varsity: Jennifer Raikes jraikes@stoneridgeschool.org
Assistant Coach: Maureen Carter mcarter@stoneridgeschool.org
JV: Elissa Goeke elizabeth.goeke@gmail.com
Middle School Blue or Gold: Pilar Puga mpuga@stoneridgeschool.org

Varsity: John Witherspoon jwitherspoon@stoneridgeschool.org
JV: Kevan Creppy kcreppy@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School Blue: Phillip Lipka plipka@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School Gold: Jan Compton jcompton@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School Green: Larry Zebrak lzebrak@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School White: John Faust faustjohn2@gmail.com
Middle School Black: Stephanie Senn senn.stephanie1@gmail.com

Swimming & Diving
Varsity: Bob Walker rwalker@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School (Swim Only/No Diving): Monica Barry mbarry@stoneridgeschool.org

Indoor Track
Varsity: Tavia Burke tburke@stoneridgeschool.org

Varsity: Kristen Coleman McDaniel kmcdaniel@stoneridgeschool.org
JV Blue: Noelle Dribben ndribben@stoneridgeschool.org
JV Gold: Lynne McTague lynnemctague4kids@me.com
Middle School Blue, Gold, or Green: Kristen Coleman McDaniel kmcdaniel@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School 5: Sarah Kiernan skiernan@stoneridgeschool.org

Varsity: Maureen Carter mcarter@stoneridgeschool.org
JV: Tom McLemore tmclemore@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School Blue or Gold: Giovanna Basney gbasney@stoneridgeschool.org

Track & Field
Varsity: Tavia Burke tburke@stoneridgeschool.org
Middle School: Katie Howard mstrackandfield@stoneridgeschool.org

Equestrian: Heidi Johnson hjohnson@stoneridgeschool.org or Sarah Kiernan skiernan@stoneridgeschool.org

Ice Hockey: Mary Carpenter mcarpenter@stoneridgeschool.org

Squash: Jason McGhee jmcghee@stoneridgeschool.org

Golf: Jason Meisch jasonmeisch@gmail.com

Request more information about Stone Ridge Athletics
Please email jmcghee@stoneridgeschool.org if you are interested in learning more about Stone Ridge Athletics.