Field Day

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Field Day Awards and Team Winner

Events will take place at students homes from May 22-25, 2020. A form to submit results will be sent out on Friday, May 22 and all results need to be submitted online by 6:00 pm on Monday, May 25.

Traditionally, fathers and daughters have competed together on Field Day at the end of each school year. This year, students are encouraged to compete with their fathers or any older siblings or family members in the Field Day - Home Edition activities. Try to complete as many events as possible. A point will be awarded for participating in each event and additional points will be added to their Blue Team and Gold Team totals based on the results. 

It is not required to complete all activities, however, for reference - the items needed to completes all activities are: a tape measure, a smart phone, a ball, a book, a frisbee, a piece of paper, Skittles or M&Ms, Oreos/cookies or crackers, eggs, 2 Spoons, a 12 oz glass, a kitchen sponge, your imagination, Gator spirit, and Blue or Gold attire!

Demonstration Videos

Shoe challenge

Book on head relay

Spoon and egg relay

Single leg balance

Don't Drop the Paper

Laundry challenge (MS/US activity only)

Fill the glass

Sit up challenge

Frisbee toss

Skittle/M&M toss

Forehead cookie challenge

Forehead cookie challenge

Tying challenge (MS/US activity only)

Egg toss

Trick shot