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Words of Wisdom from the Wake Forest Bound Alumna Will Provide Insight for Current SR Student-Athletes & Coaches

The Class of 2018 dramatically helped transform the SR WAY athletic culture at the School. There were many things that the general community would never hear about that made an impact. One major moment was during the US Spring Sports Awards Banquet when Liz Delaney '18 gave a personal and heartfelt speech to the audience. According to AD Jason McGhee, "It was a speech I'll never forgot because Liz meant every word she shared, and it resonated. She covered facility improvements, multiple coaches that had positive influences on her, her teammates, and most important, she shared stories about friendships, team bonding, and memories created. It's the type of experience we strive to make for every SR student-athlete. As I listened, I felt so much gratitude for all she and her classmates had done for SR Athletics." Please take a moment and enjoy Liz's  speech below:

"When I look back on my four years of playing sports for Stone Ridge, I see an immeasurable amount of charge that I realize now how lucky I am to have witnessed and be a part of. While a part of this change included all of the excitement around the turf field being built during my freshman year, this does not compare to the overall shift in the mindset that has made the Stone Ridge athletic program what it is today. 

This year's lacrosse season is a perfect example of how I've seen Stone Ridge athletics grow and develop in ways that have positively impacted the entire school community. When Coach Kristen had the seniors to her house for dinner the night before tryouts began, I really didn't know what to expect. She ended up telling us that she saw the potential in our team and knew exactly what she had to do for us to reach that potential, but that it was crucial for us as seniors to be fully dedicated in order to encourage the same enthusiasm in the rest of the team. While I walked out of Coach Kristen's house that night with a new level of excitement for the months to come, I was still unaware of what I was truly about to experience during my last season playing a sport for Stone Ridge.

The lacrosse program made history this year by drastically improving our record and ranking for the first time in 12 years. While this is a great testament to how much we have improved as a team, this is not what made this the best season for me. What made this my favorite season were the countless memories made on and off the field that brought us closer as a team, whether it was being dragged across the mud together in tug of war, applying self tanner as an entire team, or cheering on the freshman as they inhaled their big macs. And despite the unfortunate outcome of our semi final game against Visitation, I walked away from this season with something much greater than a win in the record book. I walked away with a group of girls who I can truly call my best friends. At the end of the day, this is what is most important, and this is what I will remember for the rest of my life.

My field hockey coach, Gloria, used to look at us during the games and say, "don't do it for yourselves, and don't do it for me. Do this for your teammates. Do it for each other." To me, this embodies the culture of Stone Ridge sports that I have seen develop during my time here. It means valuing every single person and what they bring to the team. On the field, it means holding each other accountable in ways that build each other up instead of placing blame or putting each other down. It also means pushing yourself to be the best not only for your personal gain, but for everyone else playing or practicing on the field with you.

To all freshman, sophomores, and juniors, remember how lucky you are to be a part of this community, and make the most out of every moment you have left, because before you know it, you will be in the position I am in now, wondering how it all could have possibly gone by so fast.

To my coaches, thank you for always pushing me to be my best, for your unwavering dedication, and for inspiring all of your players to believe in each other and ourselves.

To Mr. McGhee and the entire athletic department, thank you for constantly working to make all Stone Ridge teams the best they can be, and for going above and beyond in your jobs every day for all of us.

Andy finally, to my seniors, thank you for being with me every step of the way. There is no one else I would rather share these memories with over the past four years, and having you all by my side has made this the best high school experience I could have ever hoped for.

I will never forget the people I have gotten to know and the memories I have made from playing sports at Stone Ridge, and I am infinitely grateful to be a part of a community in which I have truly found a home."

Rising Grade 8 student Erin Gemmell won the 2018 Speedo Junior Nationals 200 free swimming championship posting the 2nd fastest time for a 13-year-old in US history. The historic swim followed her preliminary time where she had posted the 3rd fastest time in U.S. history. Erin, who swims for Nations Capital Swim Club is also a very successful Cross Country and Track & Field multi-sport athlete for the Gators. Congratulations, Erin! The entire Stone Ridge community is extremely proud of your hard work and success. #GatorStrong

Photo by Jack Spitser

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Approximately 40 Upper School student-athletes representing each varsity program as well as Physical Education were identified by a Stone Ridge varsity coach or athletic administrator to participate as a representative on the inaugural Stone Ridge Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, or SR SAAC.

Participation on the SR SAAC will allow students to participate in a leadership role within the Athletic Department to act as a bridge between the staff and the greater student-athlete population. As stated on the NCAA website, "Student-athletes have a voice in the NCAA through advisory committees at the campus, conference, and national level. Each committee is made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience and offer input on the rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on campus." Likewise, the SR SAAC is meant to provide invaluable insight for the Athletic Department and to ensure every effort to provide the best student-athlete experience possible for the students. 

Active SAAC programs have proven to be mutually beneficial to both athletic departments and student-athletes alike, providing a unified representation of student-athletes from across all sports to aid in supporting athletic department initiatives in striving for greater success both in and out of competition. According to Athletic Director Jason McGhee, "With Dr. Andrew Maguire's leadership and commitment to our student-athletes, coupled with his personal experience as a SAAC leader from his collegiate student-athlete days, the timing is perfect."

Despite SAAC being a new initiative at Stone Ridge, several meetings were already held during the Spring 2018 semester. When asked about the goals for SR SAAC, Dr. Maguire states, "From the meetings this past spring we were able to better define what the SR SAAC will represent and what we hope to accomplish in future years. Beginning next year, the goal will be to have two meetings each semester at a minimum, as well as other leadership opportunities throughout the year." Based on the engagement and feedback from this spring, the future for SR SAAC is extremely bright! #GatorStrong 


This past winter, Alayna Kinkead '19 received an email indicating that her soccer club director had nominated her to try out for a league team to play in the Youth World Cup in Gothenburg, Sweden. After two tryouts and showcase tournaments, she was offered a spot as one of only two girls in her age group. The team (CCL UNITED) was composed of players from several teams in the Club Champions League (CCL) from across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Alayna attended a three-day training camp in Virginia five days prior to departing for Europe. Before the camp, she knew only one other player on the team. She left for Copenhagen on July 11, and spent three days playing in friendly scrimmages and training with a semi-professional Danish Academy team. On the fourth day, her team took a motor coach to Gothenburg, Sweden. On July 15, she attended an opening ceremony with over 30,000 players and coaches from all over the world. According to Alayna, "It was like an Olympic opening ceremony!" The tournament started the following day, with her team playing three other teams in a round robin format within the assigned group. Alayna's team won the first game and tied the next two, advancing to the playoffs, where they unfortunately lost a close match in the first round of playoffs.

As for the trip, Alayna states, "The best part of my experience was traveling internationally, making new friends, and building community with fellow soccer players from other states. I am grateful to have had the opportunity not only to explore new cities, but also to share soccer, a game I have been playing my whole life, with over 27,000 players from across the world."

Congratulations, Alayna! #GatorStrong


Zoe Barnette '19 and her Senior Women's Foil Fencing Team won the gold medal at the 2018 National Championship on June 29, in St. Louis, MO. Zoe is the team captain of her team, the Dazzling Panda Stars

A foil is one of the three weapons used in the sport of fencing, all of which are metal. It is flexible, rectangular in cross section, and weighs under a pound. Points are only scored by contact with the tip. Way to go, Zoe! #GatorStrong

Zoe is the second from the right.

Zoe is on the left.