A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten.


Gator Strong

Our Athletics mantra of Gator Strong originated from our emphasis in developing physically and mentally strong young women and girls through our Strength and Conditioning programs. The mantra has since evolved to more widely define what it means to be a Stone Ridge student-athlete.

The phrase Gator Strong implies much more than our ability to lift weights or run a distance. We are Gator Strong when we come together around a cause; we are Gator Strong when we build the self confidence to speak up for our beliefs. We are Gator Strong when we stand up for a Stone Ridge sister, or reach out to a member of our community who needs a friend. We are Gator Strong when we stand up for the values of the Church and walk in the footsteps of Christ. ~ Head of School Catherine Ronan Karrels '86


The Gator Strong mantra continues to be the foundation of our Strength and Conditioning and Sports Medicine programs at Stone Ridge:


Strength and Conditioning

In conjunction with our Sports Medicine program, we take a holistic approach to the Stone Ridge Strength and Conditioning program, with a deliberate focus on injury prevention and the development of quality movement patterns. With a primary home in the newly renovated Andreas Center, the Stone Ridge Strength and Conditioning program introduces and develops physical skills needed to not only compete at a high level, but learn how to exercise and workout correctly to contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Medicine

Our Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training, Andrew Maguire, oversees the Sports Medicine program at Stone Ridge. Andrew has been a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) since 2011, holding academic degrees in exercise science, sport management, and educational policy and administration.

The Sports Medicine program is responsible for the recognition, assessment, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of all athletic-related injuries. Collaborating with the Director of Health Services at Stone Ridge as well as the students’ primary care physicians, the Sports Medicine team provides the best care for each student on an individualized basis.

Injury prevention and recognition are the primary goals of the Sports Medicine program. We work closely with all of our coaches to incorporate programming designed to prepare Stone Ridge student-athletes physically for both practices and competitions. Upon the recognition of an athletic injury, coaches refer a student-athlete to the athletic trainer for evaluation and necessary treatment and next steps.

Stone Ridge students must be medically cleared for athletic participation at school; this includes pre-participation annual physicals and clearance to return to activity from an injury. The Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Training and the Director of Health Services collaborate to ensure documentation of clearance is on file and current.


Gator Strong