Developing Champions for Life

The Stone Ridge Athletic Department is committed to having our program serve as an extension of the overall educational mission of the School. We aspire to develop Champions for Life by providing young women with an intentional and physically challenging athletic experience, inspiring not only competitive grace, but lifelong healthy habits and a physical awareness of oneself.

Through our whole child approach to coaching and teaching, complementing the five Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education, we guide each Stone Ridge Girl to be the best version of themselves through sport.

At Stone Ridge, we provide opportunities for our girls to learn, participate, develop, and excel, and we celebrate that excellence in all of its forms. Explore our Gator programs & leadership development.




Gator News

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The Catholic Standard wrote a lovely article about Katie Ledecky '15 and Phoebe Bacon '20. The article titled "Their Bethesda Catholic schools and home parish are rooting for Katie Ledecky and Phoebe Bacon as they prepare to swim in Tokyo Olympics" shows how their athletic, academic and Catholic faith paths have intertwined throughout their young lives.

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Katie Ledecky and Phoebe Bacon

Four Gators descended upon the CHI Health Center in Omaha, Nebraska, for the US Olympic Team Swimming Trials. Katie Ledecky '15, Phoebe Bacon '20, Erin Gemmell '23, and Eleanor Sun '23 entered the meet primed to race, having had to wait one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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