The Stone Ridge Augmented Reality Tour App


Q. What is augmented reality (AR)?
A. Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes digital content (videos, animation, visual effects etc.) into the real world. The most widely known example is Snapchat. Snapchat overlays digital filters onto your real face…bet you didn’t know you’re already an AR pro!

Q. How does augmented reality work?
A. There are many different types of augmented reality. AR types are determined by what technology they are utilizing. The type of AR that we are using is called “Mobile Superimposition”. Which simply means that content (videos, 3D models etc.) are superimposed into the real world. Technically speaking, the app recognizes a horizontal surface (a table, floor, etc.) allowing you to place an object into your space.

Stone Ridge App Information

Q. How do I download the Stone Ridge AR Tour App?
A. Our app is available for both Android and Apple phones. Simply visit the Apple or Google Play app store and search for the “Stone Ridge AR Tour” app.

Q. Which Stone Ridge app should I download from the app store?
A. Download the “Stone Ridge AR Tour” app. The app icon has a blue background with a navy heart, and white “One Heart” words over top. You can download the app here:

Apple link

Android link

Q. How much does the app cost?
A. It’s absolutely FREE! Which is pretty amazing for such a powerful app!

Q. Why does it want access to my camera/photos?
A. The app uses your camera to display the augmented reality experiences. The app will not share, download or access your personal images, videos etc. It’s totally safe and secure.

Q. Is the new SLC going to look JUST like this when it’s built?
A. The new SLC will look very similar. What you’re seeing are the most recent 3D CAD engineer renderings of the new building. So, as the campaign moves forward there will may be tweaks along the way before ground is broken. But this is model is very close!

Using the Stone Ridge AR TOUR App

Q. How do I use the app?
A. Here are the directions on how to use the app:

  •     Visit your Apple or Google Play app store.
  •     Search and download our FREE “Stone Ridge AR Tour” app.
  •     Open the app, and allow access to your camera. (You’ll need your camera to see augmented reality experiences in the app.)
  •     The app will take you through a short interactive tutorial on how to use it!
  •     Enjoy, and don’t forget to share the experiences with your friends and family!

Q. Can I re-watch the tutorial?
A. Yes you can! Click on the main navigation (the three lines in the upper left corner) and click “How to Use.” This will re-start the tutorial on how to use the app! You can watch it as many times as you’d like!

Q. Why is there a ghost of the building, what do I do?
A. Simply tap your screen to place the Student Life Center into your space. Once the building is placed, it won’t move. You can move all around it and see it from any angle!

Q. How do I navigate the exterior of the building?
A. You may be used to using your fingers to “pinch & zoom.” When using augmented reality, you can physically move to zoom. So, if you want to “Zoom In”, move yourself and device closer to the building. On the contrary, if you want to “zoom out”, back farther away from the building.

Q. Should I use my cellular service or Wifi to watch the videos?
A. You can use either. We recommend whichever is the most reliable and fastest based on where you are when using the app. AR experiences will be choppy, delayed, and may not work if your internet is weak.

Q. How do I share the AR experiences on social media?
A. Just click the camera icon on the bottom right. This will take a screenshot of what’s on your device. From there you can, and we encourage you to, share it on all your social media channels!


Q. Why am I not able to view the augmented reality experiences?

A. Since AR is cutting-edge new technology there are some devices that are unable to support it. With that said, we wanted to build something for the future and not the past. So, 90% of devices (Apple and Android) made in the past 2 years should function with no problems. If you are using a device that is older than 2 years old, you may not be able to experience the AR experiences. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q. Why can’t download the app?
A. Our app may be taking more space than your phone has available. Check to see how many photos, videos, apps, etc. are on the phone. Sometimes your device may just be too full. If this is the case, you may have to curate your device’s content to create more space for the app to download.

Q. Why is the video choppy or slow?
A. Your internet is most likely not strong or stable enough. Try your cell service and Wifi, and use the stronger of the two. If neither of those work where you are, try it again in another location.

Q. Why is it not working in my building?
A. If your location typically blocks internet we recommend moving to a location where you get better cell or Wifi connection. Basements, thick concrete buildings, buildings with strict internet restrictions etc. are less than ideal places.

Q. What do I do if the app crashes?
A. A crash report should pop up. Please fill it out. This helps our developers find bugs, and provide the best possible service. Once you’ve done that, fully close the app and try re-starting the app.

Q. What do I do if the app locks up or freezes?
A. Sometimes this can happen if your device’s memory is maxed out. We recommend fully closing the app. Then closing all other pages and apps. This will allow the Stone Ridge app to have full use of your available internet and memory.