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Construction UpDate

This page provides updates on the construction of the Student Life Center and associated site work projects. Here you will find contact information for the primary general contractors and Stone Ridge administrators for this project. For emergencies or urgent issues, please call the Gilbane mobile numbers below. For non-emergencies or issues that are not time sensitive, emailed questions or comments are preferred.

Construction - new walk way
Construction - grading the grounds for the Student Life Center
Construction - Student Life Center
Construction - Student Life Center
Construction - wall
Construction - campus quad
Construction - campus quad
Campus Quad
Construction - campus quad
Construction - landscaping
Construction - paving
Construction - Loop road

Project status

Part One of the project begins. This work will prepare the campus for construction of the Student Life Center. See the illustrated map below:

  • Reconfiguration of the parking lot serving the athletic and aquatic centers (Phase 1A)
  • Construction of a new playground (Phase 1B)
  • Loop road connection, from the top of Gator Field to the back parking lot (Phase 1C)
  • Creation of a campus quad, known as Campus Walk (Phase 3A)
  • Additional road work and site work (Phases 2A, 2B, and 2C)
  • Utilities relocation (Phases 3B and 3C)
  • Preparation for the Student Life Center building pad (Phase 3D)
Phasing Plan


Ariel view of campus


Part One of the project will span from June 2019 to approximately March 2020, with the following milestones:

  • TBD 2019: Parking lot substantially completed
  • November 2019: New playground opens
  • November 2019: Loop road connection opens
  • March 2020: Campus Walk substantially completed

Part Two of the project will entail construction of the Student Life Center. A detailed schedule will be confirmed this fall; as of today, the anticipated milestones are as follows:

  • December 2019: Building pad work begins
  • April 2020: Building foundation complete
  • October 2020: Structural steel complete
  • March 2021: Exteriors complete
  • May 2021: Interiors complete
  • August 2021: Student Life Center opens for 2021-22 school year
Gilbane Building Company
Project General Contractors

Ronza (Rose) Spangler
Project Manager

Greg Gurewitz
General Superintendent

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart

Eric Osberg
Director of Finance & Operations
301.657.4322, ext. 1622

Andrew Harrington
Director of Facilities
301.657.4322 ext. 4002