Naming Opportunities

Named Spaces

Student Life Center  |  The Mater Center 
The Dining Hall  |  Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Mathews, Jr.
Campus Quad  | Betsy Hoy Shiverick '78 and Paul Shiverick, The Shelter Hill Foundation 
Theater  |  The Cokie Boggs Roberts '60 Theater
Bell Tower  |  The late Dr. Laura Richardson '69
Café and Lounge  |  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matan, The Matan Family Foundation
Lower School Playground  |  Mrs. Karen Mataldi Dahut and Dr. William Dahut 
Middle School Playground  |  The Andreas Foundation
Proscenium Stage  | Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moore 
Orchestra Pit  |  The Wraase Family
Mezzanine Seating Section  | Mr. and Mrs. William Kappaz
Front Entrance Lobby  |  Mrs. Elise Keegan and Mr. Michael Keegan
Student Learning Spaces with Sacred Heart Iconography  |  Mrs. Wendy Pappert Stanislav ’84 and Mr. Marty Stanislav
Dining Room Terrace  |  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Canton
Green Room/Dressing Room  |  Mr. and Mrs. John Nolan
Theater Seating Box  |  The Godridge Family
Choral Room  |  Mrs. Bunny Bastian
Band Room  |  In memory of Sr. Mamie Jenkins, RSCJ
Photography Lab  |  Friends and Family of Elizabeth Malia Calhoun '83
Dark Room  |  Mrs. Betsy Hoy Shiverick '78 and Mrs. Christy Hoy Gosnell '79
Percussion Practice Room  |  Dr. Patricia Kavanagh '67 and Mr. James Grant
Cor Unum Archway  |  Mrs. Karen Kappaz Donatelli '88 and Mr. Chris Donatelli
Goal 1: Faith Archway  |  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strong 
Goal 2: Intellect Archway  |  Mrs. Allison L. Alexander and Col. Gregory B. Coleman
Goal 3: Social Action Archway  |  Ms. Julia Brown Gomes and Mr. Frank Gomes
Goal 4: Community Archway  |  Ms. Katharine Latimer and Mr. Richard Slaten, The Oyster Patty Fund
Goal 5: Personal Growth Archway  |  Mrs. Stephanie Avakian Heiss and Mr. Howard Heiss
Gallery Space Outside Theater  |  The Fitzpatrick Family
Student Spaces in Theater Lobby  |  The Wenger Family
Student Spaces in Theater Lobby  |  Mr. Richard Vogel and Dr. Stefanie Vogel
Student Spaces in Theater Lobby  |  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mayfield
Student Spaces in Second Floor Lobby |  Sheryl Watkins Wilbon '84 and Michael Wilbon
Student Spaces in Second Floor Lobby |  Mr. and Mrs. Rick Scurfield
Student Spaces in Second Floor Lobby |  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dolan
Student Spaces in Second Floor Lobby |  Mr. Michael Jacobs
Prop and Costume Shop  |  Mrs. Marcella and Mr. Steven Trowern 
Performing Arts Practice Room  |  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tyson
Performing Arts Practice Room  |  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vining
Performing Arts Practice Room  |  The Mitchell Family
Performing Arts Practice Room  |  Patricia Aiken-O'Neill, Class of 1962
Drama Office  |  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Slimp
Visual Arts Office  |  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Porto
Front Vestibule  |  Mrs. Carroll Connolly Dunn '69 and Mr. George Dunn, Heffron Company, Inc.
First Floor Gallery across from Dining Hall  |  The Byrne Family
Second Floor Gallery  |  The Gidley Family
Student Alcove  |  The Norton Family
Reception Space  |  Dr. Stefanie Vogel and Mr. Richard Vogel
Student Seating Area: Campus Quad  | Mr. and Mrs. William Stallings
Student Seating Area: Campus Quad  | Mr. and Mrs. Sean Warfield
Gardens: Campus Quad  | Dr. Mary-Margaret Lewis and Mr. Brian Friel
Gardens: Campus Quad  | The Godridge Family
Gardens: Campus Quad  | The Abell Family
Gardens: Campus Quad  | The Saad Family
Percussion Practice Room  | Dr. Patricia Kavanagh '67 and Mr. James Grant
Kiln Room  | Mr. and Mrs. Michael Costello
Piano Room  | Mr. Brendan O'Brien and Mrs. Alexandra Walsh
Paint Room  | Mr. Greg White and Ms. Bonnie Washington
Student Alcoves on Second Floor  | Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hsu
Student Alcoves on Second Floor | Mr. and Mrs. R.G. Starmann
Student Alcoves on Second Floor | Ms. Jennifer Alexander and Mr. Chris Trump

Mosaic Art Wall |  Lynnette E. Ecraela-Duckenfield and Thomas A. Duckenfield, III
Recycling Station  | Mrs. Patty Wimsatt Myler '64 and Mr. John Myler
View of Campus Walk  | Mr. and Mrs. Gaby A. Sader
First Floor Display Case | Mrs. Suzanne Curt 
Second Floor 3D Art Display Case | Patricia Aiken-O'Neill, Class of 1962

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