Named Spaces and Giving Societies

Leadership Giving Societies

as of April 2021

$1,000,000 +
Anonymous (2)
Charles M. and Susan C. Mathews
Paul Shiverick and Betsy Hoy Shiverick '78
Mr. Steven Roberts
The Shelter Hill Foundation
Mrs. Anna Marie Parisi-Trone and Mr. Robert Trone

$500,000 - $999,999
The Andreas Foundation
Steve and Susie Canton  
Suzanne and Mark Matan
The Matan Family Foundation
The late Dr. Laura Richardson ’68

$250,000 - $499,999
Dr. William Dahut and Mrs. Karen Mataldi Dahut
Laura and William Kappaz
The McMurtrie Family
Kathryn and Rob Stewart
Dr. Amy C. Richardson '72
The late Robert T. Manfuso 

$100,000 - $249,999
Mary Bastian
Karen Donatelli '88 and Chris Donatelli
Patricia Figge Glowacki 
The Godridge Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Q. Keegan
Katharine Latimer and Richard Slaten 
David and Lisa Madden 
Joe and Meredith Moore 
John and Lisa Nolan
Oyster Patty Fund for the Greater Washington Community Foundation
Dr. Amy C. Richardson '72
The late Cokie Boggs Roberts '60 and Steven Roberts 
Dr. James Ronan
Harvey and Debbie Seegers
Wendy Pappert Stanislav '84 and Marty Stanislav
Kathryn and Rob Stewart 
Adam and Christine Volanth
The Wenger Family

$50,000 - $99,999
Kathryn and Shep Abell 
Mrs. Allison L. Alexander and Col. Gregory B. Coleman 
The Doug Cooper Family
Philip and Maureen Dolan
Dr. Carroll Connolly Dunn '69 and Mr. George Dunn 
The late Barry M. Fitzpatrick and Colleen Fitzpatrick 
Mr. Brian G. Friel and Dr. Mary Margaret Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Gidley 
Julia and Frank Gomes 
Heffron Company, Inc.
Howard Heiss and Stephanie Avakian Heiss
Lisa and Carter Hertzberg
Catherine Ronan Karrels '86 and Jim Karrels
Dr. Patricia Kavanagh '67 and James Grant 
Joseph A. Kenary and Cecilia Bonanni
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Luongo
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Morris
The Norton Family
The Scurfield Family
Kathleen and William Stallings
Genie and Frank Strong
Dr. Stefanie and Mr. Richard Vogel 
Mrs. Sheryl Watkins Wilbon '84 and Mr. Michael Wilbon 
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Wraase
Dr. James F. Young and Mrs. Nancy Keil Young

$25,000 - $49,999
Ms. Eleanor Nethken Alvarez
Kevin and Ginny Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Black 
Raphaël Bastian '83 and James Boink
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Bell 
Bryan and Susan Hilliard Brewer '87
The Raskob Foundation 
Nancy and Michael Costello 
Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen '80 and Michael Davidsen
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dowd 
Meagan Barry Gallagher '03 and Murphy Gallagher
Dr. Josephine Gambardella and Mr. Chris Roberts 
Jonica and Wayne Gibson
Brett, Tiffini, Nina and Zoe Greene
Marilyn and Tim Hanlon
Thomas P. Hogan and Dr. Sheilah A. Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Horning, Jr. 
Josh Klatzkin and Fernanda Montano 
Missy Callahan Lesmes '86 and Scott Lesmes
Mr. and Mrs. Neil MacBride
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Massey 
Eileen C. Mayer '70
Carl and Pinkie Mayfield 
Drs. Huda and and Andrew Montemarano 
Patty and John Myler
John and Judy Niepold 
Brendan O'Brien and Alexandra Walsh 
Mary Nordberg O'Connor '83 and Michael O'Connor
Rachel Buchanan O'Hare '83 and James P. O'Hare
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Porto 
Dr. Mary Ellen Ruff
Mr. and Mrs. Gaby A. Sader
M. Cecilia Schultz, Sacred Heart Alumna
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Slimp II 
Allison and R.G. Starmann
Joan Gillespie Swift and Tom Swift
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Thetford
Steven and Marcella Trowern
Bob and Katie Tyson 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vining
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Warfield
Ms. Bonnie Washington and Mr. Greg White
James F & Christine M Young Foundation 

Red Swash
Named Spaces
The Dining Hall  |  Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Mathews, Jr.
Campus Quad  | Betsy Hoy Shiverick '78 and Paul Shiverick, The Shelter Hill Foundation 
Bell Tower  |  The late Dr. Laura Richardson '69
Café and Lounge  |  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Matan, The Matan Family Foundation
Lower School Playground  |  Mrs. Karen Mataldi Dahut and Dr. William Dahut 
Middle School Playground  |  The Andreas Foundation
Proscenium Stage  | Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moore 
Front Entrance Lobby  |  Mrs. Elise Keegan and Mr. Michael Keegan
Student Learning Spaces with Sacred Heart Iconography  |  Mrs. Wendy Pappert Stanislav ’84 and Mr. Marty Stanislav
Dining Room Terrace  |  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Canton
Green Room/Dressing Room  |  Mr. and Mrs. John Nolan
Theater Seating Box  |  The Godridge Family
Choral Room  |  Mrs. Bunny Bastian
Photography Lab  |  Friends and Family of Elizabeth Malia Calhoun '83
Dark Room  |  Mrs. Betsy Hoy Shiverick '78 and Mrs. Christy Hoy Gosnell '79
Percussion Practice Room  |  Dr. Patricia Kavanagh '67 and Mr. James Grant
Cor Unum Archway  |  Mrs. Karen Kappaz Donatelli '88 and Mr. Chris Donatelli
Goal 1: Faith Archway  |  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strong 
Goal 2: Intellect Archway  |  Mrs. Allison L. Alexander and Col. Gregory B. Coleman
Goal 3: Social Action Archway  |  Ms. Julia Brown Gomes and Mr. Frank Gomes
Goal 4: Community Archway  |  Ms. Katharine Latimer and Mr. Richard Slaten, The Oyster Patty Fund
Goal 5: Personal Growth Archway  |  Mrs. Stephanie Avakian Heiss and Mr. Howard Heiss
Gallery Space Outside Theater  |  The Fitzpatrick Family
Prop and Costume Shop  |  Mrs. Marcella and Mr. Steven Trowern 
Performing Arts Practice Room  |  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tyson
Performing Arts Practice Room  |  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vining
Drama Office  |  Mr. and Mrs. Ron Slimp
Visual Arts Office  |  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Porto
Front Vestibule  |  Mrs. Carroll Connolly Dunn '69 and Mr. George Dunn, Heffron Company, Inc.
First Floor Gallery  |  The Fitzpatrick Family
Second Floor Gallery  |  Anonymous
Student Alcove  |  The Norton Family
Reception Space  |  Dr. Stefanie Vogel and Mr. Richard Vogel
Student Seating Area: Campus Quad  | Mr. and Mrs. William Stallings
Gardens: Campus Quad  | Dr. Mary-Margaret Lewis and Mr. Brian Friel
Gardens: Campus Quad  | The Godridge Family
Gardens: Campus Quad  | The Abell Family
Gardens: Campus Quad  | The Saad Family
Student Spaces in Theater Lobby  | Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wenger
Kiln Room  | Mr. and Mrs. Michael Costello
Piano Room  | Mr. Brendan O'Brien and Mrs. Alexandra Walsh
Paint Room  | Mr. Greg White and Ms. Bonnie Washington
Recycling Station  | Mrs. Patty Wimsatt Myler '64 and Mr. John Myler
View of Campus Walk  | Mr. and Mrs. Gaby A. Sader
First Floor Display Case | Mrs. Suzanne Curt 
Second Floor 3D Art Display Case | Patricia Aiken-O'Neill, Class of 1962
Red Swash