The Building Projects

"It's not about the building. It's about the dynamic between the learners and the educators. And it's absolutely true, space affects the dynamic. If you're going to learn science, a science lab makes a difference. If you're going to fall in love with the arts, an arts space makes a difference. The demand of the academic discipline, the demand on space, warrants changes.”

Sister Suzanne Cooke  •  Head of the Conference of Sacred Heart Education

Student Life Center Cafe

The Mater Center will be outfitted with a first-class dining hall and commercial kitchen, serving as an all-school sacred space, and will also house performing arts space, musical instruction classrooms, and visual arts studios.  

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Loop Road

The Loop Road around the perimeter of campus will create the new Campus Quad, serving pedestrians only during the school day and providing green space for outdoor learning, reflection, playing, and gathering.

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As programs are housed in the newly built Center, spaces in the current facilities will be renovated to create a designed configuration of upgraded classrooms, active learning centers and media centers, and common spaces enhancing our overall program and curriculum.

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