“It is absolutely critical for the school to renovate spaces in the current facility to meet the needs of the academic program. We are in need of flexible learning spaces and large classrooms which help the girls to grow and become better prepared for our changing world.”

Brian Friel, Parent '16 and '25

With the additional learning and collaborative spaces in the Mater Center, several existing spaces in the academic buildings will open up, ripe for renovations. These existing classrooms and common spaces will incorporate newly designed configuration, serving as additional classrooms and centers for learning that will further enhance the Stone Ridge campus. 

Our faculty consistently develops cutting-edge methods to instruct our students, so it is vital that they teach in classrooms that can accommodate these new pedagogies. In particular, our STEAM classrooms are in need of flexible space to allow for more hands-on teaching and learning that will enhance group problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

Renovating existing classrooms will create a more open and flexible learning environment which has shown to bolster academic performance while also building community and encouraging productive group work.

Red Swash