The Cor Unum • One Heart Campaign

"The Cor Unum • One Heart Campaign is designed to physically unite the three divisions and make the experience at Stone Ridge a singular one where students from Lower, Middle, and Upper School can get together, eat together, pray together, and learn together."

Harvey Seegers, Parent '12  •  Chair of the Board of Trustees

First opening the doors in 1923, the Religious of the Sacred Heart have served Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in the greater Washington, DC area for almost a century. Throughout this time, Stone Ridge has garnered a reputation for unwavering excellence, producing a holistic educational program for girls of unparalleled success. 

The need for change and forward movement in response to academic excellence is in keeping with the 200-year tradition of international Sacred Heart education. Madeleine Sophie, RSCJ often spoke of the essential elements of educating young women, after she founded the society in 1800. While Stone Ridge has always been a leading school in the evolution of pedagogy, curriculum, and programming that best serves girls, it is now time to reinvent our physical space to align with that dynamic and forward movement. 

Teaching and learning in the 21st century requires more flexible space, allowing students to utilize technology, collaborate, and create. We are fortunate to have a beautiful 35-acre campus with many distinctive and well-functioning features. While the pastoral campus of Stone Ridge provides an exceptional learning environment where our students learn, grow, play, and pray, presently, there are many outdated and restrictive spaces in the buildings which require immediate attention in order for our facilities to meet the high standards of our program and for our girls to thrive. Our comprehensive Master Plan for the campus addresses these challenges and includes many improvements that will continue over the next decade.