A Catholic, independent, college preparatory school for girls, Grades 1-12, with a co-educational Early Childhood Program, infant through Kindergarten age.


Parent Engagement

Parents help at Faculty Staff lunch


Jose Andreas speaks to parents


Central to Stone Ridge’s commitment to the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education is the role our families play in the life of the School. Stone Ridge is fortunate to have an active parent community across the grade levels, and we have found that this positive parent participation and partnership results in an even stronger educational environment for our students and experience for all of our families.

Our parent events at Stone Ridge serve many purposes: providing an introduction for new parents to the School and its mission; building relationships with the Head of School, the Administration, and the faculty and staff; educating parents about curriculum and developmentally appropriate topics; strengthening the sense of community through connections to fellow parents; living the spiritual life through Mass; and fundraising.

The sequencing of these events is essential to building a healthy, positive relationship with our parents. We offer opportunities for parents to develop relationships with the Head of School and the heads and assistant heads of the divisions. Additionally, we provide ways for our parents to connect with the faculty and staff who are living the mission in delivering the curriculum. Equally important, we offer parents opportunities to connect with one another and build community.

Welcoming New Parents

New Parent Receptions at Head of School’s Residence

Building Relationships with
Head of School, Administrators,
and Faculty & Staff

  • Welcome Coffees for each Division
  • Back-to-School Nights
  • Update from the Head of School - State of the School Address
Cocktails & Parent Conge

Parent Education

Lower School Curriculum Presentations

  • Little Hearts Program Curriculum
  • Grades 1–4 Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Grades 1–4 Math Curriculum January

Middle School presentations

  • Grades 5 and 6 Parent Discussion Series with the Guidance Counselor and Head of Middle School
  • Grade 7 Parent Discussion Series with the Guidance Counselor and Head of Middle School
  • Grade 8 Parent Discussion Series with the Guidance Counselor and Head of Middle School
  • Grit, Perseverance, and the Pre-Adolescent Girl
  • Family Life
  • Guiding Our Daughters in A Digital World
  • CTP4 (ERB) Testing January

Upper School Presentations and Parent Discussion Series

  • Meeting the First Academic Support Team and more about Student Activities
  • Class Selection for Second Academic Year
  • What to Expect as a Parent of a Second Academic Student
  • Class Selection for the Third Academic Year and STEAM Certificate Program
  • Managing Stress - Third Academics
  • Third Academic Parent College Night
  • Fourth Academic Parent College Night
  • Senior Traditions
  • How to be a Member of the Alumnae Community - Fourth Academics
  • Community of Concern for Second - Third, and Fourth Academic Students and Parents

Engaging the Parent Community -Parent gatherings and volunteer opportunities

  • Socials Preceding Back-to-School Nights
  • Cocktails & Congé
  • SRPA Parent Socials (Grade Level)
  • Gator Game Day - Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Social Action Project
  • Fathers Club Carpool and Coffee Events (monthly for all divisions)
  • Father-daughter Dance, Grades Pre-K–4
  • Father-daughter Field Day, Grades 1–12

Our Spiritual Life

Liturgical Celebrations

Lower School:

  • Feast of Mater Liturgy - Mothers/Special Friend invited for Mass, goûter, classroom visit
  • Earth Day Mass - Fathers invited for Mass and activities
  • Grade 2 Celebration of First Communion
  • Grade 4 Family Liturgy

Middle School:

  • Grade 5 Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Grade 6 Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Grade 7 Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Grade 8 Father-Daughter Prayer Service and Breakfast
  • Grade 8 Mother-Daughter Mass and Tea

Upper School:

  • First Academic Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Second Academic Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Third Academic Mother-Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Fourth Academic Mother-Daughter Mass and Reception


  • Weekly Wednesday Mass Wednesdays • 3:45 pm
  • Father Daughter Mass and Breakfast
  • Junior Chorus Christmas Eve Concert
  • Christmas Eve Mass


  • Fête à Bordeaux Auction
  • Golf & Tennis Classic
  • Barat Reception
Fahter Daughter Field Day

Christine Brennan visits Stone Ridge

Golf Classic

Social Action