Why Teach at Stone Ridge?

The philosophy of Sacred Heart education is framed by the assumption that education is transformational because students and educators are engaged in learning for the purpose of coming to self-understanding as those loved by God. Such self-understanding is not possible without intentional formation in critical thinking.  
- The Network of Sacred Heart Schools

Stone Ridge provides a welcoming environment in which collegiality and leadership are hallmarks of our professional development program. We value what each individual brings to our whole. As a Stone Ridge teacher, you will be part of a community of reflective practitioners committed to excellence in teaching and learning. This community extends to an international network of Sacred Heart schools and educators in 44 countries around the world.

Lucia da Costa Lima

Early Childhood Music and Movement Specialist

At Stone Ridge, I have found a good match for my skills, experience, and music education philosophy. The music department wanted to integrate movement into the early childhood and kindergarten music programs, and I was excited by this opportunity. I use the Orff-Schulwerk method which gives the students a sense of continuity in their development as young musicians.

Since the Little Hearts program has embraced The Project Approach, Stone Ridge has a significant standing in the world of early childhood education. We are in an atmosphere where children and teachers can thrive, and I have been able to grow and learn each day as a teacher—this is key for why I love working at Stone Ridge.



Lauren Winkler

Lauren Winkler

Middle School Religion Teacher

I was drawn to Stone Ridge through my three daughters who attended and thrived at the School. The combination of an all-girls environment, small classes, and challenging yet nurturing teachers gave them the freedom to explore and discover, take risks, learn from successes and failures, build confidence and competence, and make lifelong friendships.

Stone Ridge is a great place to work because of the School's positive, cooperative, and nurturing atmosphere. As an academic institution grounded in love, Stone Ridge aspires to build a community that seeks social justice and celebrates the personal growth of all of its members. That is really remarkable!

Cyrus Ishikawa

Upper School Math/Science Teacher

Stone Ridge has given my passion for teaching higher level mathematics a rich playing field. The vast majority of the girls I teach have embraced one of the most essential characteristics that all great rock climbers have: short memories for the fear of failing. I feel incredibly blessed in being able to challenge my students with learning the lingua franca of all the STEM Fields—mathematics—specifically calculus. In addition, I sense that I was called to be in a place where the spiritual seeds that were planted in me could thrive and blossom. It has been said that "home is where the heart is," and Stone Ridge is definitely where my heart is and one of my homes.