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Network Exchange Program
Stone Ridge

Cultivating an international mindset and a sense of global responsibility.

After a two-year hiatus, the Sacred Heart Exchange Program has opened once again. Available to Second Academics, the program pairs students within a Sacred Heart School and family in a region, across the US or abroad, of their choosing for three weeks. Students in the program become independent and self-directed young women as they experience exceptional growth opportunities through the discovery of another culture. These programs highlight the engaged connection that is a hallmark of our Upper School experience, each founded in our mission and in the understanding of how young women learn best—building connections with a larger sense of purpose, place, and people. This is a unique opportunity to master a foreign language, make new friends, and immerse oneself in and explore another part of the world.


Olivia Stranberg ’25

I enjoyed my experience in Spain a lot! After spending time in another country, my worldview has definitely broadened. I have learned about Spain’s culture and family life. It was fun to watch the World Cup and see the cultural significance of soccer in Spain. My Spanish has improved a lot as well. My favorite part of going on exchange was seeing Sevilla, Granada, and Cordoba and experiencing aspects of Spanish culture, especially trying new foods.


portrait with other students

Courtney Keegan ’25

During my time in France, I believe I grew into a more mature and knowledgeable version of myself. Being completely immersed in another culture taught me how to handle slightly uncomfortable and different situations. My favorite aspect of this trip was learning about the traditions in different countries. There were six other exchange students while I was there; two from South Africa, two from Spain, and two from Miami. Not only did I get to learn all about life in France, but also about life where these students were from.