Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

While this will be a journey for the Stone Ridge community, we commit to these action steps below. We know that we have more to learn and understand. They are the result not only of our own reflection, but also of the contributions of so many members of our community who have offered recommendations. We are grateful for this continuing engagement and know that to be successful we must move forward together.

Our pledge as a School is to commit to ending systemic racism, beginning with the following initiatives

  • Analyze our culture and current operations. Are we developing our community members to have hearts as Jesus did? Examine the perspectives we privilege and the experiences we marginalize by traditions, calendar priorities, and stories. Through thoughtful conversation and understanding, evolve this culture to be one of inclusivity, deeply rooted in respect.
  • Implement a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Action Committee to work with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to review, respond to, and plan ongoing DEI work. This group will support ongoing operational work of DEI, including helping to create policy around anti-discrimination and equity, rooted in mission.
  • Audit and amend the Stone Ridge curriculum from Little Hearts through Grade 12 to ensure that the areas of study reflect the lived experiences of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and fosters a realization that as a Sacred Heart school we are called to build a community in which the human dignity of each person is a sacred priority. 
  • Examine the Social Action program and school-wide commitment to the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education to ensure that the program reflects our strong focus on authenticity and reciprocity. 
  • Educate employees and students on allyship, anti-racism, microaggressions, and white privilege starting at a young age. Expand our DEI work to increase opportunities and require annual personal and professional training for the Board of Trustees, Administrative Team, Management Team, entire faculty and staff, and coaches. 
  • Provide additional support for the Diversity Cultural Groups that already exist in Upper School and add Diversity Cultural Groups in the Middle School. Develop affinity groups for students.
  • Strengthen the policies in our Student Handbooks that specifically address hate speech and misconduct related to racism, equity, and inclusion. Communicate clearly how students will be educated on our mission-based community expectations. Review the process we use to investigate and communicate about any violations of our expectations.
  • Expand outreach and access to support the enrollment of Black and historically underrepresented students. 
  • Create additional strategies and support systems to increase the diversity of our employees through more deliberate hiring practices and retention efforts.
  • Allocate resources for diversity, equity, and inclusion by engaging the work of the Board of Trustees in strategic direction and governance. Utilize outside diversity, equity, and inclusion consultation to assist with this mission-inspired work and analysis. 
  • Continue to promote parent education and cultural collaboration by expanding the Better Together program and by providing ongoing resources for parents/guardians to educate themselves and their children on race and other DEI topics at home. Create parent affinity groups. 
  • Form a meaningful partnership with the Black Alumnae Association and create additional affinity groups for alumnae. Create mentoring programs connecting alumnae to one another and to currently enrolled students.