Better Together

Headstones & History: Black Lives Matter(ed)
presented by 
Tom Duckenfield III (parent of Catherine ‘23) and Dr. Garrett Lowe

Wednesday, April 2o, 2022
6:30–8:00 pm
Mathews Dining Hall

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What is Better Together?

Better Together is a parent group formed to create a community that engages in dialogues about equity and inclusivity while promoting the understanding and respect of all individuals by valuing all of our differences. The aim is to ensure an educational environment for Stone Ridge students by elevating issues regarding culture, identity, and equity in ways that unify the greater school community.

As members of the Stone Ridge community, we come from the perspective of Christ’s Heart and believe all people are created in the image of God. As such, we honor and commit ourselves to form relationships with all people. This relationship is an expression of our faith and serves as the means to experience the love of God.  Each and every member of the parent and guardian community is important and we grow when all perspectives are represented. All are welcome.

I always put the Better Together meetings on my calendar last year, but never went as I was tired after a long work day and probably found it a little daunting. With meetings now on zoom, I clicked to find an amazing and welcoming group of parents, teachers and staff with different experiences and expertise and a forum where we can learn from each other, become more thoughtful in our word and actions, and build a stronger community and brighter world for all.
- Carol Seitz, Parent Class of 2021
I’ve enjoyed participating in the Better Together series over the past few years and being a part of the diversity and inclusion efforts underway at SR. I’ve learned more about different perspectives in our community from every meeting, and what we can do to make sure that everyone feels included and respected. For me, this has been a good opportunity to interact with parents from other divisions and better understand what’s happening across the school. As we stress the goal of building community to our girls I think that it’s important that we model that as parents, participating in the Better Together series has been an important part of that for my family.
 - Emily Kornegay, Parent Class of 2030