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Gisele '23
Student Diversity Coalition Co-Leader, DEI Accountability Committee Member

Corinne Fogg
Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

Stan Johnson
Upper School Educational Technologist, DEI Continuous Learning Committee

Sofia ’21
Student Diversity Coalition Co-Leader, Amig@s Co-Leader, DEI Accountability Committee 

Rick Westerkamp
Middle School Drama Teacher, DEI Continuous Learning Committee, 2020-21 SEED Participant

Kennedy '22
BSA Co-Leader

Barbara Beachler
Upper School English Teacher, A.W.A.R.E. Leader, Upper School DEI Co-Leader,  SEED Participant 2019-20

Megan ’21
Allies Co-Leader

Fallon Hitchens
Middle School Art Teacher,  SEED Participant 2020-21

Nicole Escurdero Christenson ’87
Head of Middle School, SEED Participant 2020-21

Casey Robertson
Upper School Bio-Chem Teacher

Giovanna Basney
Middle School Mathematics Teacher, Faculty of Color, Affinity Space Leader, DEI Accountability Committee, SEED Participant 2020-21 

Sally Ingram
Middle School Religion Teacher, Middle School DEI Co-Leader

Paige ’22
Student Diversity Coalition Co-Leader, DEI Accountability Committee 

Sharon Kenny
Upper School History Teacher, 2019-20 SEED participant

Alexandra ’21
Student Diversity Coalition Co-Leader, DEI Accountability Committee Member


Katharina Matro
Upper School History Teacher, DEI Continuous Learning Committee, DEI Accountability Committee 

Rick Alfonso
Middle School Educational Technologist

Meg Russell
Lower School and Middle School Campus Minister


Abby Winek
Grade 4 Teacher, SEED Participant 2020-21


Susie Coffman-King
Business Office Associate, Faculty and Staff DEI Co-Leader


Lauren Winkler
Middle School Theology Teacher, SEED Participant 2019-20

Grade 5 students Talk with Ms. Black, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion