In Loving Memory

Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart will remember in our prayers the deceased of our community.

My soul rests in God alone, from whom comes my salvation - Psalm 62:1

In Memoriam (Posted January 3)

William Charles Timmer
Father of Katherina Timmer ‘07 

Patricia Hohman
Mother of Tim Hohman and Suzanne Matan, mother-in-law of Kristen Hohman, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Grandmother of Katharine Hohman ‘18, Claire Hohman ‘23 and Haley Matan ‘23 

Grace Tamm Escudero ‘56 
Mother of Monique Escudero Kadnar ‘80, Michelle Escudero ‘82, Paulette Escudero ‘83, Yvette Escudero ‘84 and Nicole Escudero Christenson ‘87, Aunt of Minnie Escudero Morris ‘88 and Marlene Escudero ‘93,  Grandmother of Grace Christenson ‘18 

Ronald Gardner
Father of Garda security team member Phillip Gardner

Thomas Cormack
Father of Elizabeth Cormack Thetford ‘72 

Rebecca Carr ’64
Sister of Rena Carr Daly ’67

In Memoriam (Posted December 1)

Antonio Cheimis
Father of Julie Cheimis Simmons ‘86 

Roberta Newman Duckenfield
Grandmother of Catherine Duckenfield ‘23 

David Donohoe, Sr.
Father of Carolyn Donohoe Marieb ‘82, Grandfather of Erin Donohoe ‘20, Kylie Donohoe ‘22 

Paul Gray Ruff, III 
Father of Mary Ellen Ruff ‘90 

Robert W. Barros, III
Father of Mariesa Barros ‘79 and Carla Barros Woidat ‘83 

Michaele Anne Connors Belford ‘66 

In Memoriam

Horatio David Bannister
Grandfather of Lauren Sheldon ‘30 

Oscar Beck 
Grandfather of Eleanor Brault ‘23 and Maggie Brault ‘27 

Robert Borge
Father of Elizabeth Noyes, Upper School Staff

Larry Freiman
Grandfather of Elisa Baker ‘22 

Robert C. "Bob" Gillette
Brother of Elise Gillette ‘67 and Annalee Gillette Regensburg ‘70 

John Noel Kane
Grandfather of Catherine Ronis ‘26 

James Patrick Mahoney
Father of Kathleen Mahoney ‘88 and Margaret Mahoney ‘97 

James S. McNeil
Grandfather of Alyssa Gill ‘11 

Joanne Morrow 
Mother of Elizabeth Morrow ‘91, Grandmother of Eileen Morrow ‘22 and Lily Morrow ‘27  

John Pedevillano
Grandfather of Mary Pedevillano ‘00 

Maria Gonzalez Pena
Grandmother of Elisa Baker ‘22 

Mary Patricia Ronis
Grandmother of Catherine Ronis ‘26 

Douglas James Taylor
Grandparent of Claire Mullery '18, Katherine Strong '22 and Bridget Mullery '25 

In Memoriam

Anne Rogers Devereaux ‘46 
Sister of Helen Devereux Egan ’44, Agnes Devereux Blair ’49, Virginia Devereux Sparrow ’51, and Patricia Devereux Crowley ’52

Barbara Joan Scott Cormack
Mother of Elizabeth Cormack Thetford ‘72 

Mary O’Keefe Daly ’64
Marilyn Murr Ferguson ’84
Joanne F. Morrow
Mother of Elizabeth Morrow ’91
Roberta Stick
Grandmother of Rachael Henske ‘25 

Michael Lawrence Fox
Brother of Stephanie Fox Heffernan ’95

Guy Dillaway
Grandfather of Becky Kring, Middle School Faculty 

Carla Messina
Mother of Theresa Messina Butziger ’86

Zachary David Woodyard
Nephew of Cathie Lipka, Former Middle School Faculty 

Francis Ridgely Huntt
Father of Karen Huntt Mason ‘74 

Ashley J. Grolig
Mother of Amanda Grolig ’15

Fr. Scott Pilarz, S.J.
Past Trustee

Daniel Downey, Jr.
Father of Jeannie Downey-Vanover, Assistant Head of Upper School and Upper School Faculty

Armiger Louis Jagoe, Jr.
Father of Maria Jagoe Kronfeld ‘80, Eva-Lynn Jagoe ‘86 

Alfonso Ramirez
Father of Ana Ramirez, Upper School Faculty

Katherine MeyerSR

Mary Pat Cullinan '68

Stephen Fogg
Father of Corie Fogg, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

Jean Plunket
Mother of Margaret Plunket Hyland ‘72, Katherine Plunket Versluys ‘76, and Elizabeth Plunket Riviera ‘78

Spencer Morton
Husband of Melissa Minshall Morton ‘06 

Karen Olson, RSCJ

Barbara Stall Hoy
Mother of Betsy Hoy Shiverick  ‘78 and Christine Hoy Gosnell ‘79 

Thomas Benton Swift
Husband of Joan Gillespie Swift ‘78 

Edwin Gilpin "Gil" Willson
Father of Missy Callahan Lesmes '86, Grandfather of Anna Lesmes ‘21 

Andrew Pickens Miller
Father of Lucia Miller '13 

John J. Carmody, Jr. 
Father of Chrissy Carmody ‘88, Past Trustee

Virginia Patricia Moore Kreischer
Mother of Marybeth Kreischer Myers ‘79 

Robert Vincent Hallock
Father of Hope Hallock, Middle School Faculty

Ellen Fletcher Winkler
Mother-in-law of Lauren Winkler, Middle School Faculty, Grandmother of Elizabeth Winkler ‘07, Caroline Winkler '09 and Julia Rose Winkler '18 

Amanda Piro ‘19
Sister of Abbey Piro ‘15 

Joseph Mundell Coffey 
Brother of Christine Coffey Ryan ‘67, Past Trustee, and Anne Coffey Proctor ‘69 

Carlos Santistevan
Father of Camila Santistevan ‘95 (dec)

Maria Michejda, M.D., D.Sc.
Mother of Monika Michejda Goodrich ‘83

Vincent M. Gancie
Father of Lena Gancie ‘16 

Patricia Cleary
Mother of Maureen Cleary ’70, Gail Cleary ’77 and Eileen Cleary ’81, Grandmother of Madeline Jordan ’05 and Patricia Richey ’08, Former Staff

Willard Scott
Husband of Paris Keena Scott ‘74 

Joan Duran 
Mother of Amy Duran Heinzelmann ‘95, Past Coach

James F. O’Donnell
Father of Anne O'Donnell Vinson ‘75 and Mary O'Donnell Murphy ‘82  

Madeleine Engel De Janosi McMullan ‘46 

Sandra Neff Loughlin ‘65 
Sister of Teresa Neff Raeder ‘67 
Lura Alban Serrano
Mother of Arlene Madarang Davis ’81
Sharon Meier Clark ‘74 
Sister of Renee Meier ‘73, Catherine Meier Gallo ‘75 and Marina Meier Taylor ‘80 
Tom Wendel
Husband of Brenda Wendel, Past Upper School Staff, Father of Jacqueline Wendel Davidson ‘99 
Michael O. Glynn
Grandfather of Madeleine Sparrow ‘17, Father of Kathleen Glynn-Sparrow, Past Upper School Faculty 
Geraldine Cronin Lynch
Mother of Monica Barry, Lower and Middle School Faculty

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