Engaging with History

Grade 8 students recently learned about the abolitionist movement that arose from the passing of the New Fugitive Slave law in 1850, during the time period leading up to the Civil War.

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Sacred Heart Commission on Goals

Every five years, Network schools engage with the Sacred Heart Commission on Goals (SHCOG) to ensure that schools integrate Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria throughout their school’s culture.

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Middle School Mentors

Grade 8 students gain confidence as they share their gifts with Grade 5 students to offer support and create a sense of belonging in the Big/Little Gator program in Middle School, reflecting Goals III, IV, and V of Sacred Heart education—another day-to-day example of living our mission.

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Grade 5 Girl Scouts Take Action Project

Through the Tree Promise Activity, Girl Scouts USA is encouraging troops to plant 5 million trees in five years and to protect and honor new and existing trees. Not only is this great for wildlife, but it will also provide climate change mitigation and benefit communities for years to come. Recently, Grade 5 students in Girl Scout Troop 34069 pledged the Girl Scout “Tree Promise” and learned about the superpowers of trees.

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Cor Unum Retreat

September 22 and 23 marked another milestone for the Fourth Academic class as they embarked on their final retreat as Stone Ridge students. The Cor Unum Retreat encapsulates a yearly series of self-exploration and community-building opportunities for Upper School students to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a Child of the Sacred Heart.

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