Members of GS Troop 34-050 pose next to a new Recycling Center built for Cedarville State Forest.

Submitted by Michelle Stawinski

Grade 8 students Marly Aguieres-Ames, Josie Colomb, Eleanor Korte, Zoia Mitov, Sonja Pietrucha, Alex Stawinski, and Junia Whang have been working for almost a year as members of Girl Scout Troop 34-050 to build a recycling station for the Cedarville State Forest.

The project began in the Fall 2021, when they visited Cedarville to scope out the site and talk to the Park Staff. They got to see what the existing recycling center looked like. All agreed that it was in need of an update.

The girls then got busy raising funds to ensure that they would be able to purchase all the necessary materials. The Troop collectively sold approximately 30% of all candy, nuts, and magazines sold by all of the Girl Scout Troops in the Service Unit (which is comprised of approximately 40 troops). They followed that up with a phenomenal cookie selling campaign—spending hours in the freezing cold manning over a dozen cookie booths.

Throughout the school year, the girls researched ways to improve the structure. They met with an architect several times (Ben Ames, Dad to Marly Aguieres-Ames '27) and brainstormed new designs. They learned about different building materials and methods and how to select them in light of cost, functionality, and ease of use in construction.

They met with a structural engineer (Sonjae Whang, Dad to Junia Whang, former SR Class of '27) to explore how the structure they had designed compared to the needs of the project and the environment it would be exposed to. They again met with the architect to address any issues raised by the consultation with Mr. Whang.

The girls assisted with securing materials and then got to work on the actual build. To date, the Park has not yet installed the recycling bins, but the structure is complete.

We are very proud of all of the hard work that these girls have put into this worthwhile project!


Old Cedarville State Forest recycling center.
Girls working with saw to cut wood for new recycling center.