An Alumna Living out Goal III

For a recent Social Action assembly, Stone Ridge Upper School students and faculty enthusiastically welcomed back LaToya Thomas '01, who gave an engaging presentation into the importance of protecting human dignity in order to build a healthier, more inclusive community.

LaToya is the founder of Brick and Story, an urban consultancy practice that seeks to tell stories of the environment and the people within it. LaToya attributes her success with the organization to her time living in Northeast DC and her time here as a Stone Ridge girl, where she learned and experienced the value of living the Goals of Sacred Heart education, specifically Goal III, "a social awareness which impels to action."

LaToya's speech served as an excellent pathway to the theme of "igniting the flame of advocacy; sparking the fire of kinship" which is rooted in Catholic Social teaching. She inspired the students to start somewhere where you have passion and see where it lets your life take you.

Students left the assembly with a new-found confidence in their ability to address problems and were eager to begin their Social Action day. Of the presentation Talia Scott '18 said, "It was truly a pleasure to see an alumna living out the Goals of Sacred Heart in her everyday life and she inspired us to make change in the world one step at a time."

LaToya Thomas '01

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion