National Museum of African American History and Culture

On November 26, students from the Voices from the African Diaspora took a field trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC). The African Diapora half year class examines the rich literary traditions of the African diaspora--the dispersion of people of African descent away from their ancestral homeland and throughout the world. The students explore the scattering of people from the continent and the consciousness of shared origin and struggle. The trip to the NMAAHC made a great impact on the students as you will note from these wonderful comments from Lily, Aileen and Ally.

Student Lily Montemarano '20 commented "The museum trip was a fantastic way to remind us of and further elaborate everything we had learned in American Lit and African Diaspora. It was my favorite field trip at Stone Ridge. It was extremely thorough and engaging. A highlight was learning more about the Civil Rights era. I feel like it is so difficult to cover the majority of that unit and it was interesting to learn more about the big events and be informed of smaller ones and less recognized contributors. 

It was a completely different experience to face artifacts, pictures, and personal stories rather than learning in a classroom with no one in the room who had experienced that type of racial discrimination. I feel like every person should visit this museum in order to truly understand the history of African American and the struggles they face to this day. It reminded me that racism is still very present."

Eileen Hannah '20 said "I really loved this museum. It was one of my favorite experiences in the Smithsonian museums, and I learned so much. Not only did the lessons coincide with the curriculum of our class, but I also felt like I was walking through many lessons from my AP US History class. I was amazed and so moved by everything in the museum and the physical proof of our past. I was impacted by the segregated train, the exhibit on Emmitt Till, and all of the documents that showed the dispute on slavery. All of the historical events from the past have some connection to slavery, which is really shown in this museum. I was amazed by everything and honestly could have spent so much more time than one day in the museum. I would go back to this museum and spend even more time. I loved everything about this field trip and learned that while as a country we've moved past a lot of racism, but still have some improvements to make."

Ally Kabo '20 reflected "I loved the museum!!! I have been trying to go for the longest time however, I never have time. It was extremely interesting to see the different levels and see the transition for slavery to current-day. My highlight was the Emmitt Till exhibit because I had done some personal research on his case. I liked that the museum had many videos and audios to listen to that came from the family and friends of Emmitt Till. I will definitely be visiting the museum again because there is so much to learn and I would really like to get a chance to cover most, if not all the exhibits."

Stone Ridge values the access of our extended classroom of the incredible offerings of our Greater DC area. These excursions enrich a deeper curriculum and broaden our students' curiosity and imagination. 

National Museum of African American History and Culture
National Museum of African American History and Culture


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